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When I look back, I can see how things change. The sky seems to be always dark. The rain no longer gives a feeling of tranquility. The drops are easily confused with the passing wind, shaking the top of the trees and that causes me pain. It pains me because seeing the wind reflects the morbid agitation that I keep inside my throat. I just want to explode but I have no longer a life. And think that a long time ago I was accomplished... I didn't want to be just a "Intern", that was just the beginning of my new reality. The supportive words and sympathy that turned into screams and insults, the friendly touch that turned to invasive and dirty, the home that became a prison... I'm sure they didn't think about the pain I felt. It was the height of my doom. Who wants to be an object, a toy of pleasure? My plans no longer warmed my soul. If you don't want to feel the pain and suffer of a cold and lifeless core, then please, don't read this.

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