1 This Slave is So Powerful!

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There seemed to be a resemblance at first glance but the beauty here was unparalleled.

2019 Feng Ruchu vs Mo Wushuang

A raging fire blazed above her head.

Corpses littered the ground around her.

A thin, fragile-looking girl stood in the center of the sacrificial ground, with smoke billowing around her. Her tattered clothing was stained with mud and blood, her hair was wild, and her body was badly bruised. She was carrying the severed head of a firefox in her thin hands.

Raindrops and blood stained her face, and she looked so weak that it seemed like she would be blown away by the wind at any time. However, this same girl was standing above the corpses of forty-nine slaves and more than a dozen spiritual beasts. She simply stood there, staring straight ahead.

Her expression was murderous—she looked like a demon that had just crawled out of hell.

Nanqiu Kingdom had a tradition of offering sacrifices to the heavens and the spiritual beasts. Every year, they would pick fifty boys and girls among the slaves to be sacrificed as offerings to the spiritual beasts.

Feng Ruchu was one of the slaves chosen to be sacrificed to the spiritual beasts.

She could still remember everything that happened when they lit up the incense. The slaves were all embracing one another as they trembled, horror and desperation on their faces as they looked at her.

All of them were wanted so badly to survive; it felt as though she was their only hope for survival.

She had tried her best to kill all of the spiritual beasts but unfortunately failed to save the other slaves.

"This slave is so powerful! She actually killed all the spiritual beasts with her bare hands?"

"Yes! She would have at least made it through the consecration ceremony with such amazing skills. How did she end up as a slave?"

"I was observing her earlier, she didn't really stand out at all."

"She might not stand out, but she is still a genius in my opinion. Did you see the techniques she used to kill the spiritual beasts just now? I have never seen or heard of them before."

"Do you think the third young lady of the Feng family will be able to subdue her?"

The strangers and members of the royal family were discussing the matter amongst themselves on the high platform.

Feng Mo'er clenched her fists angrily as she glared at Feng Ruchu, viciousness flashing in her eyes.

She was the respected third young lady of the Feng family. Why was she being compared to a slave? How could she not feel offended by it?

"You useless slave, you dare hurt my spiritual beasts? I will turn you into ashes and bones today!"

Feng Ruchu raised her head to look at Feng Mo'er who was standing on the platform about twenty meters above her.

Her loose yellow clothing swayed in the breeze. She looked beautiful and delicate with the gorgeous pearls on her head, but the girl actually had a very cruel temperament.

Feng Ruchu was not afraid of her rage. She simply threw the firefox's head on the ground, looked up and said, "If I did not kill it, it would have killed me."

Feng Mo'er narrowed her eyes contemptuously at the corpses sprawled on the ground. "You are just a useless person who has been worthless since the day you were born, there is no point for you to continue living in this world. You should feel honored to be selected as a sacrifice for the spiritual beasts—what rights do you have to resist?"

"Alright then, since you refuse to do anything else, I will let you taste a fate that is a hundred times worse than being swallowed by a spiritual beast!" Feng Mo'er snarled, her gaze ferocious. She raised her palms and suddenly, a huge water ball was forming in her hand.

There was a loud 'bang' and the water ball shattered, turning into ice blades which flew directly at Feng Ruchu.

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