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The Inner Circle


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Epey was known in their province a smart, hard-working, and loving daughter. From the time she was young until she graduated from Senior High School, she had always been blessed with multiple scholarships from both the private and public sectors of the society, making her known as the "ultimate prodigy" of their town. When she received a scholarship grant from a prominent university in Manila for her college education, she immediately grabbed the opportunity to make it hers. She then went to Manila to make her scholarship application faster. But because of some game of fate and a danger that she encountered, she surprisingly and unexpectedly found herself in a mysterious place where, according to what she had heard, only the richest and smartest people in the society were allowed to enter. Caught in the uncertainties of time, Epey tried her best to conquer every challenge that came her way. Meeting a lot of people and connecting with them was one of them. And although, it wasn't an easy task, she definitely would do it one way or another. These people were not just capable of making or breaking her life's goals and aspirations, they were also capable of affecting even her identity. What would a simple girl from a simple town do then? Would Epey get through this situation, or would she be left wondering in the Inner Circle?


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