24 Break in

"Are you ready, sigma?"


The plan was simple. They disguise themselves as guards and steal the log pose.

The plan was of course much harder than that. He was going to enemy territory. The place is heavily guarded with people who are around 24/7. The shifts probably rotate all the time.

The job shouldn't really take long. He had a mole inside Marijeois posing as a guard so he had inside information and a layout of what everything was like.

He was looking for the Ephron treasury within the Domain of the Gods.

It was a bit smug to put everything they owned in one place but it was just better for Hisoka. He only wanted the log pose to Gods valley. Perhaps he'd take other things that pique his interest.

He wasn't going to do anything like freeing slaves. He didn't want to waste time doing that. Plus it wouldn't benefit him in any way unless he sold them which wasn't on the list of things to do.

"So we'll reach the red port and go up from there."

"Yeah, It's much easier to go up from the red port and just land at Marijeois then begin from there."

"Let's go, Hisoka."


The red port was a quiet place. The marines stationed there didn't have much to do. They only did things when the reverie took place or when a celestial dragon came down for travel.

They were a dull bunch but the time they had spent there gave them a bond stronger than any other branch of marines. Which is was what they thought.

"Umm Rear-admiral Drax. There's an unfamiliar flying boat flying towards us?" The new marine almost stuttered on the flying boat part. He'd never seen anything like it. It was like a flying balloon.

Rear-admiral Drax was a great marine, a prodigy of one in fact. Within 3 years he managed to reach the rank of Rear-admiral and was currently being considered for promotion to Vice-admiral. He believed in justice massively as his parents were killed by pirates at a young age. He was vengeful towards them. However, the marines saved his life and gave him a new home so he was forever grateful.

"A flying boat? Did you eat one of these mushrooms growing out of the red line?" The rear-admiral joked while still looking at his papers.

"No sir. Come look for yourself." The younger marine said.

Drax stood up and walked over to the window where the marine was standing. The young marine was right. There was a flying thingy coming towards them.

"Should we shoot it down?" He asked.

Drax pondered on whether he should wait for it to come and see what it was, but the possibility that pirates were on it. But there could also be civilians on it.

"Give a warning first."

"Yes Sir."

The young man took out a den-den Mushi and took out the speaker part that acted as a megaphone.

He opened the window and began speaking.

"Please halt and turn around. Otherwise, we will be forced to shoot."

The balloon continued to fly despite the warning.

"Your orders sir?"

"I'll do it myself."

Drax took out his sword which was quite broad and scratched. He lifted it and threw it with a great force at the balloon.

The sword travelled at high speeds until it reached the balloon.

It looked like it had hit and there was smoke from the impact. The sword came flying back at Drax.

"What a pain." Drax looked to see whether the balloon would fall down. He had to report this to the fleet admiral and wait for orders.

He looked out of the window only to see that the balloon had disappeared from his sight.

"Ah, Hisoka we've been travelling for days. I need to exercise my muscles first." A voice complained from Drax.

Drax turned his head only to see that the marine in his office had a bullet wound in his head.

A man with an owl on his shoulder was sitting on his desk while another man was sitting on his chair

"Are you pirates?" Drax asked.

"No, we aren't, rear admiral Drax." The one sitting on the table said.

"You know who I am?"

"Of course I do. The marine who is said to be the future fleet admiral. How could I not know?"

"That means your familiar with my strength? I commend your bravery for even standing before me." Drax said.

"I know more about you than you could even imagine." The man said.

Drax took the sword and pointed it at him.

"I'll give you one chance. Hand yourself in or I'll deliver your execution right here?"

"I'm afraid that's impossible. The world is changing and I'm needed to make sure it changes."

"All I hear are the ramblings of a mad man." Drax rushed towards the man and swing down as hard as he could. Endowing the knowledge he had of Haki on it.

The man took out his hand and blocked the sword with one finger.

"The difference between an ant and an elephant is far too great for you to comprehend."

A massive cut appeared on Drax's stomach and split him in two.

"Perhaps you were given a bad hand in fate. I don't feel bad for what I've down, just pity for you." Those were the last words Drax heard before life left his body.


"Was that the last one?" Sigma said as if he was bored.

"Yep, there wasn't that many people here."

"Now onto our goal."

The pair looked up at the barrier that was keeping them from advancing.

A massive giant block of red which stretched up 6KM into the sky. It stretched around the world giving the World Government several geographical advantages. It split the world into two and the grand line split it in 4.

Whether it was man-made or naturally occurring was a question for a different time.

Now was the question of how to scale it.

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