1 The Chosen one is born

It was a dark and stormy night in the village of Altahoma. Everyone was in there huts having some sleep.

A thud accompanied by a small quake seemed to be coming from the the east in the direction of the dark forest. Some of the village residents felt it and shot their eyes wide open for they knew what this meant.

Shortly after, another thud and a quake. And it only seemed to be getting louder and heavier the closer it got.

By the time the second thud came, all the residents were wide awake and panting like they just walk up from a nightmare. They quickly jumped out of the straw beds they were lying on and fled to the exists of their huts.

They all gathered at an entrance to a secret tunnel so they could save their lives.

Something was quite special about this village. Although his was a life and death situation. They seemed to care about each other and were selfless. They didn't push each other just to get into the tunnel. Instead they organized each other and let the vulnerable into the tunnel first.

"Let the elderly, young and pregnant get in first we'll follow later!" shouted the village chief in a distressed tone.

A group of children of different heights and elderly went into the tunnel. The pregnant women followed next.

The last woman wasn't in such a good state. She could barely walk. She clung on to the help of her mother in law. She entered the tunnel all to slowly. Just as she had entered the tunnel, the thuds and quakes only got bigger. And by the time those outside the tunnel realized, a large and massive hand reached out and grabbed a handful of the residents. That hand could only belong to a.... Giant. The giant threw the spoonful of people it grabbed into a giants mouth and it seemed to be severing the taste as it chewed and munched on its meal.

Once the people saw this. They lost all ration of thinking and fled to the tunnel. Some lucky ones managed to get into the tunnel. But those who didn't could only curse the day they were born as they got up and fled in different directions.

"Hey. You guys get over here I found us dinner!!" said the giant that had just eaten a handful of villagers.

"Oh really Thudius!" said another giant just a kilometer away from him.

And with only five steps, the other  the giant's had all made their way to the village..

And what they saw below them only seemed to reel them up only more. It was like they had taken years without eating.

The sight of small tiny human running all around like headless chicken beneath them made their eyes glimmer with such intensity as though they were looking tasty food. Of which was true.

They picked up handfuls as they filled their mouths to the brim.

They spent an hour munching on their meal until they got their fill.

"Hey Thumpson, you want some more?" said Thudius.

"No no no. I feel like am yet to burst soon" groaned Thumpson with a full belly.

"So what are we going to do with the leftovers?"asked one of the giants.

" Let's save them for later. Hey Thumpson, pass me my suck! "said Thudius with a satisfied tone.

" Here you go.. BAAAAA!! "buffed Thumpson as he quickly covered his mouth as his companions burst into laughter.

Thudius grabbed the remaking dead villagers on the ground and stuffed them in his almighty giant sack. They were a total of 50 villagers in that sack. When he was done he got up and told his companions to leave with him immediately.

The giant footsteps and thuds went further and further into the dark forest, back to where they came from.


In the tunnel, the not so good pregnant woman had fainted just shortly after entering the tunnel. She was carried to the exit as fast as possible.

It was a small hidden part of the village. It was sealed with magic by the village ancestors to protect the villagers from the giants.

The pregnant woman walk up as she heard someone call onto her name over and over again.

"wake up Faima. Wake up we made. Wake up Faima. Wake up." said her mother in law.

The pregnant lady called Faima opened her eyes slowly as she let her eyes adjust to the light. Not long after that. She groaned in pain. "ahh ahh, it's coming it's coming".

"Is there a doctor here, anyone?" said the village chief who happened to be among the lucky ones to get into the tunnel.

"Here. Am here. I practiced herbs back in the day" said am old lady as a way was made from here from the crowd.

The storm only seemed to be raging more and more as though it felt Faimas pain.

The sky seemed to be striking with intense lighting. But this wasn't the ordinary lightning. It looked to be red and formed a hell lot of brunches like a network of blood vessels.

"Push. Push. Take it easy stay calm" said the old herbalist as she did her best to deliver the baby.

Faima screamed even more and more as she pushed out the thing inside of her.

Then, at last, the sound of a crying baby filled the atmosphere along with the raging loud lighting.

Faima finally breathed a sigh of  relief as she fell back and let the darkness consume her.

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The old herbalist lifted up the baby and held it to the sky. A small silhouette of a baby could be seen due to the raging red lightning.

Everyone gathered around the baby for they new what this meant.

In a cave high in the mountains, a seemingly masculine man in a robe sitting in a meditating position shot open his eyes.

The color of his eyes matched the red raging lightning in the village hide out. They were completely red.

"The Chosen one is finally born."he said as a slight smirk formed in his lips.


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