11 Dojo

"That was a close one Trevor. Now we have to go finish our hunt."

The two then swam to the shore on the other side and went on with their plans.

"Let's not go hunting anymore. Let's just fish. Anyway we are near a river now." said Trevor pointing our the obvious.

The teenager agreed for it only made sense.

They took off their cloths and left them under the sun to dry.

The two fished out a couple of fish and roasted them over the fire they lit up.

They had there meal and were back in the road.

Trevor didn't know where they were going so he just followed the teenage boy mindlessly.

The boy stopped moving when he caught sight of a roof.

"At last! We found it. Trevor! We found it!" exclaimed the boy in excitement and then rushed to the direction of the house he saw.

Trevor still followed him and managed to catch up.

Upon his arrival, the roof they saw earlier wasn't a house, it was a dojo.

Now Trevor understood why Robert set up for him this dungeon.

It was set for him to enhance his combat skills.

SOIMACHO DOJO read the sign at the gate.

The two boys went in and knocked on the dojo's door.

An old eastern man came out to check who was at the door.

He was old but he maintained his physique for a man his age.

"Yes! May I help you." said the old man.

"Hello. I am Jack and this is my friend Trevor. We came here because we wanted to learn from you and become your students Master Soimacho." said Jack bowing to the old man.

" Sorry, we are closed." said the old man then tried to shut the door.

Jack stopped the door from closing with his palm when the old man tried to shut it.

" I said we are closed. Which language do you understand." said the old man angrily.

"Am sorry. But we really need to do this. We'll do whatever you asked of us."

"hmmmmmm.... I want you to kill a wolf and bring its head to me. If you do that I'll think about it." said the old man smirking.

"What the! You want us to kill a wolf. Are you crazy!" Trevor who had been quite the whole time blurted out.

"We were just chased by a pack before we got here and now you want us to go back to those man eaters." continued Trevor.

"Hahaha. That's my final offer. Take it or leave it." said the old man laughing.

Jack who had come to the dojo excited, left with a frown. And the same applies for Trevor.

"That guy wants us to be killed, how the hell are we going to kill a wolf." said Trevor in frustration.

"I know right. But we'll think of a way. We need to do this." said Jack agreeing with Trevor.

Trevor followed Jack around again like a mindless goat.

"Anha. I got it let's use a trap. I think I still remember a thing or two about traps from when I was little." said Jack like a light bulb just lit up in his head.

The two made the preparations and set up the traps around.

Trevor followed Jack's instructions and learnt something too.

" Perfect. We're all set. Now time for the bait. Trevor you'll be the bait. I'll operate the trap."said Jack wiping the dust of his cloths with his hands.

" Bro. You must be kidding. Why do I have to be the bait. " said Trevor in panic.

"Like I said bro. I'll operate the trap. You don't know anything about them." said Jack.

Trevor could only agree in disappointment.

Trevor went around acting like a lost sheep trying to lour in the wolf.

At last, a wolf stood 6 meters away from looking down at him from above a rock.

Trevor's adrenaline kicked in and cold beads of sweat escaped his fire head.

Trevor them followed the plan and ran towards Jack.

The wolf immediately jumped off the rock and chased it's prey.

Trevor ran as fast as his legs could carry him in panic.

The wolf on the other hand enjoyed the feeling of excitement as it looked at Trevor in front of it.

Before it knew it, a rope had already lifted its hind leg and now it swung above the ground.

The wolf growled in frustration trying to free itself.

What ever efforts it put in were just of waste.

The wolf that looked like the hungry predator it was was now looking like a helpless puppy.

"Good job."said Jack emerging from behind the tree that the wolf hung.

Trevor was still in shock and couldn't seem to make up his thoughts.

They both looked at the helpless wolf above them in utter joy.

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"So, how are we going to kill it." said Trevor.

"It's simple. We are going to setup it with that wooden spear I made when you were gone." said Jack pointing at a wooden spear on the ground besides him.

He then picked it up and attempted to stub it in the heart.

Snap! The rope that the wolf hang at snapped.

Before Jack could get to stub the wolf, it pounced at him.

Fear hit the two boys all over again.

The wolf, that's was now above Jack on the ground, tried to get its teeth into Jack's body.

Jack held the stick horizontally to protect himself from the wolf's teeth.

It tried to butt through the stick in order to get to jack.

Jack's energy was draining fast, he couldn't hold it any more.

Trevor who was now shocked that the wolf managed to escape picked up a rock behind him and hit the wolf on its skull.

The wolf fell to the ground with a helpless howl.

They cut off the wolf's head and headed straight to the dojo.

"Your back?" said the old man in a surprised expression looking at the wolf's head in Jack's hand.

He had actually expected them to give up and go home. He didn't know that they were this determined about learning from him.

"Here is the head you asked for. Now it's your turn to keep the promise." said Jack.

The old man just nodded his head, mouth open while looking at the wolf's head on the floor.

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