19 Delilah is abducted

"Father!" Delilah who was watching the boys quickly snapped out of it when she saw her father approach them.

Her face lightened up and she was filled with joy.

She ran and fell into her father's embrace crying tears of joy.


"Alright. So where are we going next?" asked Trevor as he and his master and friend were escorted to their rooms by Delilah.

"No where."

"What do you mean master? We have absorbed the silver scroll, haven't we?"

"We have to find out why the rogues are stationed here and why they've been abducting people."

"They are rogues, they don't have a conscious." Trevor said in a dazed expression.

"Exactly. If they didn't have a conscious. Why would they leave us alive the day they broke into the dojo. And why didn't they kill master Dungsen when they attacked him."

Trevor crease his brows as if he realized something; "Yeah something is not right."

"Mmmmm" Master Soimacho nodded his head.

Trevor and Jack shared the same room while their master was given a different room.

Trevor looked at Jack, whose thoughts seemed to drift away; "Earth to Jack... Hello..." he snapped his fingers in front of his eyes.

Jack blinked his eye immediately Trevor snapped his fingers and looked at Trevor; "What are you thinking about?" asked Trevor grinning.

"It was nothing."

Trevor knew something was up from the way his face turned red when he asked.

"Anyway. Uhh. Let's go to sleep. Gotta practice the silver scroll magic." Jack quickly changed the topic then lay down on his bed and covered himself with the blanket.

Trevor had no intention to drag the topic further so he just went to bed.

Trevor and Jack woke up the next day and went to training ground.

They trained for about an hour before going for their lunch.

The had their lunch with their master and Delilah and her dad and had a fun time at it.

As they had just finished their lunch, a sound of breaking glass filled the air.

They looked at the direction it came from; and there stood three dark rogues with red eyes looking at them. They had just broken through through the window.

They immediately put on a defensive formation. Two rogues pounced at them and they were now engaged on a fierce battle.

Before they knew it the rogues retreated;"Is everyone okay?" asked Jack.

"Yeah.... Wait where's Delilah?" Said Master Soimacho looking around.

A deep frown settled on Dungsen's face. They were all so focused on the battle that they didn't notice the third rogue take Delilah away.

Dungsen panicked when he didn't see her daughter around. If there was anything he feared most, that would be losing her daughter ; "Noooo!"

He dropped on his knees and tagged at his hair on panic.

"Don't worry Dungsen. We'll find her" said master Soimacho gesturing for his students to follow him.

"Wait. This is where the foot steps end. Where did they go.?" asked Jack scratching the back of his head.

They had been following the footsteps for about five minutes now buy they just suddenly disappeared.

"hmmmmm" Master Soimacho struck his long white beard, "Remember the first time we encountered them on our way back from Job's dojo. They might have scaled these trees too." he looked up at the trees above him, "But how could they carry Delilah along with them from tree to tree?"

A thought flashed through Trevor and said, "They must have gone underground or even a secret passage."

"That's right Trevor but you see those leaves there....." Master Soimacho said pointing at a bunch of leaves ahead of them,"There's more leaves and twigs on the ground there than everywhere else. This indicates they scaled the trees." he moved ahead and saw more leaves and twigs.

They followed the piles fore another 3 minutes but the traces disappeared again; "Now this is where your second deduction comes in young Trevor. They have entered through a secret passage."

"But where?" Jack asked in a dazed expression.

Trevor sighed,"Now we are back to square one." he placed his arm on a tree leaning on it.

The tree rumbled and Trevor quickly withdrew his arm and stepped back.

The tree bark started splitting revealing a huge gapping dark hole in the middle.

Trevor and Jack looked at themselves shocked.

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" So... Are we supposed to go in or something?" asked Jack still on shock.

"Well yeah. But we have to be extra careful."aster Soimacho said walking ahead of them then entered first.

Trevor and Jack stepped in next and the opening behind them closed like nothing just happened.

Master Soimacho and his students walked further and further into the tunnel that just opened up.

The further they went, the louder the sound of growling beasts and chain shackles got.

After walking for some time they saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

They approached the light and ended up in a huge dungeon.

Giant hyena like monsters were tied to chains in the middle of the dungeon, around a ritual table with a red star in a circle on it and candles at each Comer of the star.

And four candles at the for corners of the table.

A skull right next to the circle with a star.

Cages hung up on the roof, containing people without any energy in them. And a few cages on the bloody ground.

And torches lit on all the walls of the dungeon.

It gave the place a dark and heavy atmosphere.

"Well, at least now we know what they do with the people the they abduct." said Trevor.

But that only seemed to make Jack's mood even worse. The first girl he ever crushed on was going to be used in a f*** ritual.

Cheers started filling the room as a girl in chains was being dragged to the ritual table.

The girl was non other than Delilah.

Trevor and his companions hid behind one of the cages on the ground.

The room was now filled to the rim with dark red eyed rogues. Trevor could make up hundreds of thousands red eyes on top of them just below the roof where the light didn't touch.

The rogues that were on the ground made way for someone who entered the dungeon threw one of the many doors and went straight to the ritual table.

He raised up his hands signaling the rogues to stop the cheers and just like that everything was quiet.

Jack gasped in shock seeing the person at the alter. Seeing Delilah at the alter chained up was annoying but seeing Job there looking down at the rogues like he were the one that created them was just unbelievable.

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