India is a country of histories and mysteries. In this country, according to hindus we have 5 stars they called as ''PANCHA BUTHAS'' in telugu. this 5 stars is air, water, sky, earth and fire. SHIVA is the name of god who created this five stars. This earth also a part of PANCHA BUTHAS . we also have that lefted four stars also in earth. after some 100 centuries of creation of FIVE STARS some demons were tried to own this five stars to get more powerful than all gods. but, SHIVA killed all demons who tried to own five stars.

after some years a new demon were born in the demons kingdom to again own five stars. this time the demon will almost defeated SHIVA but ,the new demon is more powerful than SHIVA. Then SHIVA decides to hide the five stars. SHIVA tries to hide the five stars but, there is no place to hide the five stars. then SHIVA choses ''EARTH'' to hide .

SHIVA successfully hides the 5 stars in the form of 'FIVE STONES'. The power of EARTH also hide in the form of STONE. after hiding 5 STONES no one demon also being successful to own this 5 STONES. But , SHIVA hides 5 STONES in a different places on earth. except SHIVA no one gods also know where the 5 STONES are hidden.

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