After the life began on earth after a billion centuries a kingdom is born on earth. The kingdom is full of a dangerous creatures which can eat more than 10 humans at a time and the creatures is know as dinosaurs. This kingdom named as ''DINOSAURS KINGDOM''. the new demon knows where the ''5 STARS'' are hidden but, it is not easy to own that 5 STARS in the form of ''5 STONES ''.

The new demon comes to earth for ''5 STONES ''. Then he saw this dangerous creatures. The dinosaurs attacked the new demon then new demon kills all dinosaurs which attacked him.The new demon started searching on earth for ''5 STONES '' but, he can't succeed to find the STONES. 10 years passed for searching ''5 STONES '' but, he can't find even 1 STONE also. the new demon sat silently on a mountain and he observing the dinosaurs. he suddenly got a idea in his mind that he wants to hypnotize all dinosaurs on earth. He successfully hypnotized all the dinosaurs and he gaves some powers to become more strong for destroying places on earth to find out the 5 POWER STONES.

The dinosaurs destroying all places on earth as the order of the new demon. the lord SHIVA is watching the new demon and dinosaurs what they are doing. then SHIVA gives order to the FIRE GOD to pour the fire rain on whole earth. then FIRE GOD destroys all the dinosaurs and the new demon with his fire rain. all lifes on earth will died but, nothing happens to the 5 POWER STONES. then the earth is destroyed and it is full of hot fire and lava. after a billion centuries earth is cooled and the earth sets normal temperature as the 1st earth.

Now SHIVA creates again a new life on earth. this time he creates a chimpanzees and other animals. chimpanzees takes a lot of years to develop some places on earth. some bunches of chimpanzees are migrated to different places for food and water. then chimpanzees habitats there climate and weather conditions. after 6 million years chimpanzees are evolved as a 1st human specie for the change of climate and weather conditions. this specie is called as homo sapiens. homo sapiens are work hard for developing their places and they slowly invented some tools for hunting animals. they used clay utensils in that time. homo sapiens after 2 million years they are evolved as a modern-day humans and over all earth is developed but, SHIVA hides 5 POWER STONES again on earth in different places where humans are not live.