Both thou and I sank down inside each other's eyes,

Do you remember the breath which I stole between your lips?

The touch on your wrinkled lips and the feel of your soul,

Let's Forget all, let the warmth go close to winter,

Go away from my window if you cannot wait,

Take your promises back and celebrate the bitter end,

Never come so close again and never date again,

Accept the compliments from thine enemies ,

And take the blessings of farewell secretly,

The track of love ends here and now let's fall apart,

Luck amidst you and me dies here with so many wishes,

The questions that remain unanswered, skip all,

Because Thou and I were not made for each other,

No taste of love in a long distance relationship,

I still sails in a LoveTriangle ship with no safety,

I don't want to be your other half of your soul,

No more longer I can hear your far cries,

How can I find the emotions in your words,

Call me dead, call me Mr. Cold-blooded.