The Imperial Preceptor Enjoys Cosplay Book

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The Imperial Preceptor Enjoys Cosplay


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Cao Ren, a 25-year-old unemployed man, gets wrecked by Truck-kun while saving a young girl. The next thing he knows, he is reborn in a world of cultivation blabla... Give the story a chance if you appreciate upgrade systems and Xuanhan tropes. The book begins slowly, but the mc is strong from the start. (some might not like this) The parody aspect isn't too unbearable. It's just a play with a bunch of clichés. ----------------------------------------------------------- **I do not own any image, character, or material used for this fiction.** This work has oriental and occidental themes. It will also have mature scenes, and vulgar language. So, refrain from reading now if that makes you uncomfortable. Note: The direction and plot of this fiction is not in works. It is finished and kept. It will turn into a different book, and an AU fanfic by the end.


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