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The Imperial Mentor


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Note: You don't have to read THE ROYAL TUTOR manga to read this story. All you have to know this that chapters 1-19, the story is about four princesses who have the same background and stories as the four princes from the royal tutor who will later be introduced. In the kingdom of Vermillion, the Queen has called upon Heidi Witzenberg to undertake the daunting task of preparing her four younger daughters who are in line for the throne alongside their most qualified elder sister; by being their imperial mentor. The four heirs each have very distinct and troublesome personalities: Licha Von Vermillion, the seductive youngest Princess; her immature older sister Leonora Von Vermillion; Brunia Von Vermillion, the studious third Princess and Kaira Von Vermillion, the second-eldest and the most reserved. After hitting it off with the imperial mentor, the Queen has planned a surprise visit for her daughters to engage with the Princes of Granzreich. What surprises await there? Why did the Queen plan such a visit? What are her motives? Disclaimer: This novel is purely a work of inspiration for creating a fanfiction of the Japanese manga series "THE ROYAL TUTOR" by Higasa Akai.


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