The Immortal System: Journey into the Myriad worlds.
novel - Fantasy

The Immortal System: Journey into the Myriad worlds.


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What is The Immortal System: Journey into the Myriad worlds.

Read The Immortal System: Journey into the Myriad worlds. novel written by the author _Zack_Yggdrasil_ on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, cultivation. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


During April 12-1930, scientists in Russia conducted experiments on human body, results were obviously a failure. one day, a mysterious man offered them a help as he brought a pocket sized artifact, much similar to the Large Hadron Collider but more powerful. He called himself "Kaen", a human from an alternate universe, in search of a modern world, as he required nuclear radiation to power up the artifact. During December 1950, the project was finished and the nuclear reactors all powered it up, although the artifact exploded without any warning, the scientists got who got obliterated by it's radiation, only get resurrected in that process. After 20 years, as the residual radiation spread, people around the world regardless of age, socio-economic status, class and gender, few people had started awakening power abilities. August 23-1990, countless ability research centers came into existence, when people had started awakening abilities, the real world became unstable. Thus the his begins, as Jordan got bestowed new ability from an ancient being. Living multiple lives, as he unravels multiple worlds, therefore gaining a whole new purpose altogether. Jordan's life will never be the same.


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