1 June 4, 1944

Your name sir, sir oh : James hunt : and your birthday June 11 1922 your 22 yes …..ok James hunt you have just joined the us army report to tent 3 and good luck you'll need it : hunt :thanks but you're going need it more then me. Man this is ww2 I thought I would have been deployed immediately but what ever ( gets to tent 3 ) ( wonder if someone will mess with me ) ( gets to the bunk pared with private huck ) huck : so what's your name : I don't do friends huck they all die in the end : huck : how do you know my name : hunt : ( damn These powers u think think ) : !!! Sargent on deck !!! * 2020 * : CIA agent : wait you can see someone's name : hunt : - putts down cigarette - and when there going to die : CIA agents 2 : how can you do this : hunt : I can do this after a war I been in : CIA agent 1 : how many wars have you been in : hunt : I don't remember it happens I certain wars : CIA agent 2 : what are you and what's your name : hunt : you know the story of Jesus right well I took a deal with the devil for a lady and she died and Jesus told me he'll save my soul and gave me immunity to fight his wars and when I'm done he'll let me pass in to heaven : CIA A 1 : so your immortal : hunt : I have been telling you that the entire time o and times up : CIA A 2 : what do you mean : hunt : well your about to die : ( sniper bullet hits CIA A 1 in the head and it flashes back to June 5 1944 ) :Sargent : hunt what are you doing moving when a sgt is on deck : hunt : sgt David can I ask you to get out of my face please: Davis : if you going to have that kind of attitude then give me 100 pus ups ( 5 minutes later) : hunt : sir if I can beat you in a fight will you allow me to go though my training with out bother : sgt : if you beat me in a fight I will promote you to captain: hunt : ok deal : sgt : I will have to put my hand behind my back to make it fare: hunt : no I will : sgt : o we got a big shot will I have 40 years of service so you still want to fight : hunt : yes : sgt : ok : hunt : ( I will have to hold back some power so a round house kick will do it at lest knock him down) (hunt kicked one time and knocked out the sgt ) ( after a minute the sgt woke up and prompted hunt to captain and he"lol need it because tomorrow all he'll would break lose ) .

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