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What is The Immortal Akira

Read The Immortal Akira novel written by the author Saromaru on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, comedy, system, magic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[ORIGINAL] Story by: Saromaru Art by: Hero Attention to all readers, there are maybe lots of grammar mistakes when you read. I promise I'll adjust it and will improve the story mistakes. Pardon me, If I published very long, but it usually takes me 1-3 days not to publish. So, not to worry. The reason why I published late: is because I was fixing the grammar and the story, I could be sick, and probably I was busy doing school stuff, you know that's a pain in the a$$. That's all my message, for those who read this have a good day and god bless you all! :D Reminder: stay healthy cause its corona. . . . ______________________________ [CONGRATULATIONS!!] You have unlocked your main ability. Main ability: [IMMORTALITY] ------------------------------------- Skills: None. Passive skills: Infinite regeneration. ------------------------------------- Stats: Strength: 100. Mana: 1000/1000. Speed: 100. HP: ∞ Durability: 100. Bonus stats : None. ______________________________ "Wait what? Immortality??!" The boy was confused because he wasn't expecting how things turned out. In a world where magical powers and monsters exist in this world. 72% of people have this kind of power and they can see a system in front of them or they don't even have any. Systems are where they can see their data powers and ability chains, and where they have to level up until they reach their full potential by training. Many monsters have also inhabited this world, and their powers are shown by ranks. Magical powers can come from lineages or shrines if they are lucky enough to be chosen. Magical powers that come from lineages can not provide a system board. These magical powers are available when the person reached the age of 10, and they will unlock an ability called "Main Ability." These main abilities are shown to have different types, such as; physical, mage, support, and other types. Akira Keita, a warrior from a distant land, travels to the central city of Celesta, a city where warriors, soldiers, and knights fought for the city's sake and a safer place to live. Akira achieves his main ability, called "immortality," And he can't die from anything, literally. Even though he died many times, he still managed to live without harm. He is one of the warriors whose healing rate is the highest amongst the warriors from Celesta. But as he grows and trains, he gets stronger and stronger until he finally reaches his goal of becoming the strongest warrior in all corners of the world.

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Enjoyed the read. At times it feels like you're writing up the events of an anime. Immortality is an interesting concept, looking forward to seeing how you use it. PS. Here's a cool looking cat for motivation :)


Reveal spoiler


I am not done reading yet but yours chapters are soo good and very interesting to read and I will read your rest of the chapters soon btw good work so far


I absolutely enjoyed reading this. The writing is unique in a very good way and I love how the author describes everything. This is a must read... definitely


Keep this up love this , great job author .a few mistakes here and there but it doesn't stop this from being a wonderful book, edit where it needs to be edited and perfect this


Yo bestie, nice novel kerja bagus![img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Good novel. Good Author. Good stuff. Good story. Good concept. Good mc. Good writing. Author is good person. Overall it's good 👍👍[img=update][img=recommend]


I've fallen in love with this book after reading the first chapter. I paused for sometime and then read the book again and decided to leave a review. this book is recommended and totally not disappointing a great piece of work.


Came for gold ended up finding platinum. This is absolutely awesome! Won't write much since I really want to finish this and go back to writing!


For someone whose first language isn't english, the grammar is very good. I'm a sucker for systems so I might be a bit biased but I like what I've read so far. Followed!


I love your novel, very well written and the story is interesting! I hope the author has time to continue! .................................................................................


Yo, it's ur friend zel, you sent me to help you, right? Here's my review. There are flaws in how you write the narration, don't push yourself or the story might get boring. I hate the part where orcs and goblins are coming out of nowhere, It's kinda rushed. Also, the part where the mc and his friends doing investigations, I like mysteries but kinda boring. I suggest don't put too much dialogue in the chapters It felt annoying to me, the recent chapters you took my advice, good! Another suggestion as well from me: Use Grammarly and study the tenses formula, this way your book will be successful. That's all my reviews for you. I'm just advising on your work, I don't mean to force you to improve and change the story. I hope you'll be successful one day! Keep on writing! 👍


Qualidade de escrita: Eu sou brasileiro então não sei muito a escrita original mas em português tá muito bom. Estabilidade de atualizações: Bem está bom já que você postou a 2horas. (23/02/2022) Desenvolvimento da história: Está ótimo mas não cheguei no capítulo recente, mas os primeiros 6 capítulos bom. Design de personagem: Bem nos 6 capítulos não gostei muito porque pelo que eu entendi você fez o mc só pensa com força bruta sem estratégia, sabedoria no campo de combate, mas isso só vem desenvolvimento de personagem da história (Mas isso só estou falando nos primeiros 6 capítulos nada mais ja que eu ainda estou lendo seu livro!!). Plano de fundo do mundo: Está ótimo nem vou falar mais nada porque está ótimo.


Honestly, this is one of the best novels I have read, I hope the author will have time to continue writing! .............................................................


The concept of immortality is intriguing. I'm looking forward on how will you give it more depth as the story and character progresses. I like how it felts like i'm watching an anime through your writing style though, haha it's unique as well as the world background. A fascinating read. Great work author! 👍💕


The dimension of the characters within this book is just amazing. I don't know you can create characters that felt so alive and real. It felt like different people wrote them.


An interesting read. Very well thought out and written. There is no mistaken, this is a fascinating novel that must be read. Great job author.


It is a good concept for the novel, but the delivery was a little off. Anyway, that's how everyone starts and I want you to write more. The author needs to get into more description about characters and their emotions. That way he can portray character development. It would be also helpful if he can convert it into past tense.


The writing is pretty flawed. Since the author said they're learning the language I advise you read some other works to get a feel for punctuation. I didn't like the tense of the narration as if the events were occurring in real time (it's unique, just not for me personally). The first chapter does a good job of introducing the world and acting as a hook, and the characters are decent in early chapters as well.


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