1 How are you going to take responsibility for me?

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"Miss Xiang Yi, how are you going to take responsibility for me?"

In the dark room, Xiang Yi awoke to the sound of a low and mischievous male voice.

Her brain was still spinning as she squinted, taking in her surroundings.

It seemed to be a hotel suite. She was curled up on the bed, while the voice came from a man sitting on the nearby sofa. Xiang Yi could only make out his silhouette.

He was young, wearing his black shirt slightly unbuttoned and sitting cross legged. Clasped between his long fingers was a cigarette; its scarlet flame flickered just enough to illuminate half of his clavicle and a distinct throat.

She just couldn't see his face.

Xiang Yi immediately calmed down and began to speak in a calm and polite tone. "Send me your bank account, thanks."

A strange silence overtook the room for a few seconds.

"Cheh." The man's chuckle contained a hint of ridicule. "Hush money? Wouldn't it be possible to make a fortune just by sleeping with you a few times?"

"Thump thump thump!" The banging sound on the door was accompanied by a sharp female voice. "It's here! I saw with my own eyes, that little whore Xiang Yi entered Gege's* room!"

When she heard the familiar but distant voice, Xiang Yi was in a momentary trance. She rolled off the bed and approached the man.

"Bank account," she calmly said.

The man tsk-ed in an inexplicable way, his thin lips curving into a playful smile.

How can a person completely change their personality in just the span of a few minutes?

Xiang Yi didn't waste more time with him. She then rattled off a string of numbers. "If you want to discuss terms, you can call this number." Her voice was originally gentle, but now it has been stained with a touch of hoarseness, unintentionally making one feel soft in their bones. "Excuse me."

She pulled the curtains aside, and the man, who did not have time to move sideways, became enveloped by the curtain's fabric.


It was a rainy night outside, and the moist air was blowing in.

There were no swords flying about or interstellar spacecraft. This was an ordinary, realistic world, and the world that Xiang Yi had lived in for twenty years.

She was back.

A sense of sorrow tugged at her heart, but in an instant, it had been replaced by the feeling of stability and steadiness.

Although the world was different, her skills were still applicable. The fair-skinned girl pushed against the balcony railing, then nimbly disappeared into the darkness.

When the man got up and saw this scene, his eyebrows began twitching fiercely.

If he remembered correctly, this was… the sixth floor?

Meanwhile, the door was opened with a universal keycard, and a hoard of people took over the room. Leading them was a slightly chubby girl.

She had received news just now that Xiang Yi was trying to seduce her favorite idol!

She turned on the main light source and fiercely said, "Take it! Take the damn photos! Xiang Yi, did you lose your mind thirsting for fame? I will personally send you right onto tomorrow's headline! Gege, please cover your face so I don't film you too..."

When the room resumed its brightness—

Everyone saw the slender figure idling in the room.


"Shi… Shi Yingdi**?"

The man standing in front of the window did not turn his head. He put out his cigarette and spoke in a soft and cool voice. "It seems like I will make the newspaper headlines tomorrow?"

"No no no, it was my mistake, I'll delete all the photos uwuuuu..." The slightly chubby girl began to cry with just a word from him.

Xiang Yi had deduced from the landmark on the ground floor that they were in a hot spring villa.

As she was about to leave, a man with rainbow-colored hair screamed out as he tossed his umbrella and ran towards her. "My good dear, did you really ruin that little idol?!"

'The little idol? The guy whose face she couldn't make out just now was an entertainer?'

"..." Xiang Yi paused for a moment, then gave an objective evaluation. "I might have succeeded, might have failed."

Her manager felt his world turn dark.

"Oh right, hello, who are you?"

The manager's eyes turned even darker.

—Author's notes—

This novel is based in a modern era, where all settings and contexts are made up by the author.

In pursuit of dramatic conflict and contradiction, the face-slapping/dumbass/god-tier operation plots are for entertainment purposes only. It's just for a good laugh! Do not believe it, or try to imitate it, or try to one-up it!

If you are a student, you should work hard on your studies and do not get addicted to online novels. The novel won't have changed after you finish your homework and write your exams.

In addition, please do not mention Ah Nuan's works, character names, plots of the book, etc. Our community is naturally adorable; see you guys in the reviews column~

— Translator's notes—

* Gege, in this case, is an endearing term used to reference a male idol rather than a direct older brother, kind of like oppa in Korean.

** Yingdi is a nickname that means movie or film emperor, usually used or given to describe someone who has accumulated several awards and had great success in the film industry. Since this has become a common nickname for our male lead, it seemed more suitable to keep the original Chinese intent to denote his name. 

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