The Iceberg Metaphor Book

novel - Horror&Thriller

The Iceberg Metaphor


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Nicola Realonda is everyone. Why? She lies. She seeks revenge. Her mind is filled with immoral urges. But as what always psychologist says, there is a reason for everything. They are implying that it happened because something or someone triggers it. The sexual urges, selfish needs, or violent motives were always there, and it won't go away. Usually, those were hiding at the back of our minds. Like an iceberg, you only see the tip of it, and you are not sure what is underneath. So, be ready to stop it because once you lose your shit, you can not hide from the NBI. When an iceberg collapsed and turned upside down. Her Id will be exposed. What do you think she will do? Join her as she explore the world of psyche.


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