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Kane is an hybrid, he's the alpha king. He's half vampire and half were wolf. Kane had lost his first mate, she was killed by one of his rivals. Afterwards he became ruthless and cold towards his pack members. The only person he showed love to, is his three year old daughter. Amanda. He has no choice but to find a mother figure for his child, so he marries Ariana, an alpha's daughter. Ariana is human. Her father is an alpha but Ariana has no idea that her family are werewolves. Her father forces her to marry Kane in order to save his other children from kane's clutches. Ariana agrees to the marriage. She has no idea who and what she's getting married to. I'm only doing this for the sake of my daughter, she needs a mother's love. That's the reason I chose to marry Andrew's daughter. I know nobody will ever replace her mother's place. I suddenly get this amazing scent of lavender and an hint of honey. I start to scan the place to search from where the scent is coming from.The scent is coming from the girl that I'm going to marry. As she walks down the isle, the smell starts to get stronger. How is this possible?. The moon goddess has given me a second chance mate. I have no interest in her, it doesn't matter if she's my mate or not. I'm going to do what I have to. This is another reason why I wanted to marry her, I'm going to make her life a living hell, she's going to wish she had never been born, becouse of what her father did to my mate.


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