5 Chapter-4 (18+)The Jaguar Luna & Mate Bonding ~Part 3 Of 5~


When I went to climb out of the hospital bed, so I can look at what they are talking about with my eyes and my looks! As I jumped out of the my mate pulled me close into his arms,as he rubbed mmy hair out of eyes. I stood there in fear that I was now even worse looking and then Alistair wouldn't stop holding me or let me go.

"Where are you wanting to go baby?"

he asked as he held me close to his chest.

"I want to see! I really want to see what kind of mess I am looking like please Babe!?"

I Pleaded as I struggled against his chest.

So with one swift and fast movement he held me in his arms while he slid the IV pole, while he walked with me in his arms.

When he had turned on the bathroom light for me to see my reflection I was in utter complete shock and horror. I could not believe what I was seeing as I stared at myself in the mirror! I started crying as I looked at myself.

I couldn't believe I have jaguar spots on my face and neck, which wasn't dark as they're very faint, the thing that freaked me out the most was that my FELINE honey colored eyes and that my pupils look just as any cat's eyes look like with their pupils!

I felt the hot tears roll down my cheeks while i closed my eyes and thought to myself,

"As I have already been considered a freak or weird. I already feel like a circus freak as everyone thinks I am cursed or ruined! Now is my mate going to change his mind and leave me!"

this all I could think about to myself and Medusa. While I was lost in thought and crying Alistair set me gently down into the sink.

"Minnie You're my FREAK and I love you! We will find away to get your spots off from you,but babe I LOVE YOU just as you are and we will finish OUR mating bond! I had only freked out as I was scared my love, that something was extremely wrong! Mimi I was so very worried about you, and I was so fucking happy that you are awake my love! You have been asleep while really in a coma for twoo weeks!

That knife that Beta Aiden stabbed you with is a RARE MYSTICAL one, that is what put you in a coma! Thank the Moon Goddess that you have finally woken up and of ALL times the MOON GODDESS had you wake up onTHE BLOOD FULL MOON night so tonight is a sign! Minnie you're my true love and I have not left your side the whole time my beautiful baby girl you're my love always and forever."

Alistair said excitedly.

Alistair leaned down and caressed my cheek,then lifted my chin upwards, as he leaned in to kiss me. While we wrapped our arms around one another in a passionate embarce all either of us wanted was to feel and hold the other. I looked up at Alistair, pulled his head close to mine as I licked his lips and kissed him.

"Um.. Excuse me Alpha Alistair and Luna Minnie but your family is here to see you,since you are now awake Luna."

the pack's doctor informed us.

Alistair helped me off the sink and wrapped his arm around me while we walked back to my bed. As he tucked me back into the bed I realized that I am hooked up to not only an IV but also a catheter, and to my suprise he covers my body and catheter up, so this way nobody can see it.

Once he hs me tucked in and propped up onnto the pillows, he crawls on the bed and he sits next to me.

While we're sitting all snuggled up on the bed he wraps his strong tan arm around my shoulders as I rest my head against his chest, and I lean my small body upagainst his big warm body.

I love that he isn't afraid to wear his battle scars proudly and that is why EVERYONE is terrified of him. I love that scar across his face.

I reach my hand up to his face as I trace his scar from above his right eye to the bottom of his left eye. I kiss his neck while I trace his lip with my right index finger, just as he kisses my finger tips, we both sniff the airt as a new scent comes in close range and that is when my hospital door opens up and my parents walked into the room with us. My mother smiles gently at me while she gives us both cheek kisses.

My father stands there with his pissed off,coldhearted stare and then nods at my mate. Alistair sits up and shakes my father and old Alphas hand.

My father clears his throat as he stares coldly at me,

"It is true that Beta Aiden used the mystical rare dagger that was made by the witches.This particular dagger is to bring out the evil and or the true form of a supernatural, as we can see that this dagger has broought out your killer side which is your jaguar.

Do not worry though honey as I have Beta Aiden in the pack jail until after y'alls mating ceremony and wedding. That is if y'all do decide to get married as normal humans, as yall are still part human as well. Now we have banned Aiden from participating in YOUR ceremony and wedding or both! As this is ALL your choice honey! Now he is lucky I don't strip him as Beta and banish him annd his mate from my pack!"

my father said in his Alpha demanding voice.

Alistair holds my hand while I stare into space,as the doctor walks back into the room with us.

"She will be released in two days Alphas, now if she is up to it she will be able to have the mate bonding ceremony then or a few days afterwards. Now please do get some rest Luna! Now your new pack members or family in The Blood Moon Pack along with your mate Alpha Alistair are going to need you very soon."

the doctor said as she smiled but wouldn't make eye contact with my father or my mate. As she knows if you stare into a (Any) Alpha's eyes will be considered as a challenge or a fight. I sat up morein the bed as Alistair held my hand and helped me sit up, so that way I could be comfortable while I spoke to Alpha Jaspher and Luna Sage (My Parents) and Alpha Alistair(My Mate) about what I wanted.

"I want OUR Mating Ceremony two days after I am released from our pack hospital and I don't want ANY kind of trouble or altercations to happen on OUR special day Alistair. I would like you to have your Beta and Gamma and a few other pack members to join us , on our Mating Ceremony and Wedding day! I will have both on the same day at THE EXACT same time. I do love you My Bad Boy Alpha Alistair, Baby after our ceremony we will then be a whole."

I said while grinning at my love.


As I got ready to leave the pack hospital, I noticed thaat Alistair was in and out of my hospital room, while we packed my belongings up. The nurse walks in pushing a wheelchair in front of, she got right next to the bed when my mate movees her aside so that way he could help me in.

Ismiled at the pretty young nurse as it is not her fault that my mate is protective over me and even more now, since Aiden attacked me, by accident all because I blocked him fromstabbing my mate.

Alistair drove us back to my parents pack house, as that is where I have lived, he looks aound when we pulled up and mummbles to himself under his breath, but i heard it all.

"Where the fuck is my motorcycle? Goddamnit Liam,can't you ever do anything when I ask? At least my suprise for my Luna is here and hasn't been ruined."

Alistair mumbled

"You have a motorcycle bad boy? I want to ride it my babe! I love you and cant' wait for OUR ceremony NIGHT as I am very excited babe!"

I had squeeled at him.

Alistair caressed my cheek as he gave me a long deeep and hard kiss. I licked his lips as I savored his taste on my lips and in my mouth and I wanted more! While he was getting out of his convertible mustang he tells me to stay in my seat, so I did as I was told. He walked around his car and opened his passneger side door, then in one swift movement he had me in his arms as he carried me in the bridal position.

While he carried me up the steps and to the front door we could hear EVERYONE gasp and whisper as if he wasn't supposed to have this gentle,loving,caring and tender side to him. As they was all shockeed to this cold-hearted,ruthless,murderous,asshole and evil Alpha live and care for his mate.

They was all shocked over what Alistair did and by him beinging with me the PACK'S FREAK in his arms, and while he walked by them all they all bowed their heads as they dropped to one knee.

Alistair carried me inside and set me down in a chair while he wentto get the rest of our stuff out of his car. He brought everything back inside with him. I could see he had a boquet of my favorite flowers! He got me a huge boquet of Irises and Lilies.

I grabbed the boquet from him and put them in water. While he went back outside to smoke and wait for his Beta as well as to grab my last small bag. So while he was still outside I had mind linked him,

"I want you to know that you are my first!"

I said.

"What the hell do you mean your FIRST? Like first to carry you? First to kiss you infront of everyone? First to stand by your side? First man/boyfriend/Lover? Tell me what am I your first about? Don't tell me I AM YOUR FIRST EVERYTHING?"

Alistair asked and I could feel his nervousness.

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