1 Chapter 0 Character's Introduction

This is about the MAIN Characters and what they look like and a little bit about themselves. Also a list of the HYBRID'S MEANINGS -

~WEREPIRE- Werewolf +Vampire =Werepire

~JAGPIRE- Jaguar + Vampre =Jagpire

~WEREGUAR- Werewolf +Jaguar =Wereguar

or this one

~WAGUAR- Werewolf + Jaguar =Waguar

or this one

~JAGWOLF/JAGWOLVES- Jaguar +Werewolf/Werewolves =Jagwolf/Jagwolves

~VAMPGUAR- Vampire + Jaguar =Vampguar

~VAMSHEE- Vampire + Banshee =Vamshee

~Weresheeseer~ Werewolf + Banshee + Seer = weresheeseer

~Bampseer~ Banshee + Vampire + Seer = Bampseer







°~This is my FIRST book/Novel/Story with Fantasy/ Romance/Magic As I have done Romance novels. SO PLEASE ENJOY AND BE PATIENT WITH ME! THIS IS SOMETHING NEW~°

Daughter Of The Full Moon Pack-

♡☆Minerva Kellara- She goes Minnie or MiMi for short. She's a Rare Hybrid as she's Wereguar and Vampire. She's 24 years old and is Unmated, the daughter to the Alpha and Luna of the Full Moon Pack. Has an older brother named Adham and he has found his mate. She is looking for her mate. Her Mother is a Hybrid as she's Jagpire (Jaguar/Vampire) and her father is a full blooded werewolf. Her pack mates think she is cursed or a freak as she is rare. She's 5'2",long dark brown hair,jade(Red/Black/Honey)eyes,and has a small heart shaped ass,small C cup breast with a skinny figure. Her eyes flash red when her Vampire side starts coming out. Her pack is The Full Moon pack so she has a full moon on her shoulder blade.

♡☆Medusa- Is Minnie's Wereguar form and has dark brown fur with tan spots/stripes with black or honey eyes. She stands 5'8" when all fours. Medusa/Minnie will fight anyone who stands in her way!

Alpha Of The Blood Moon Pack -

♤☆Alpha Alistair Vladimire- He is a hybrid as he's a Werepire. He has black hair with light blonde strikes in it, he has black eyes and is very muscular, and he is 6'4". He is a coldhearted man who will kill whoever and whatever gets in his way. He has not found his mate yet and has been searching for her for years. Every unmated She Wolf or Female around, who is unmated wants to be his mate. He is the Alpha of The Blood Moon Pack, he has become known as a coldblooded killer. He will not deal with any disloyalty or betrayal. His pack members and other packs fear him as he don't care that everyone is afraid of him. He has long scar across his face as it goes from his right eye all the way under his left eye. He has his Packs symbol tattooed on his chest.

♤☆Lycidas- Is Alpha Alistair's wolf form, when he is in his wolf he is a very huge black wolf with blonde strikes and has the battle wounds down face and muzzle.

The Full Moon Pack Members--

♤☆Alpha Jaspher Kellara- Is the Alpha to the Full Moon Pack and Mate to Luna Sage Kellara. They have two children, oldest is a son Adham and youngest is a daughter Minnerva. He is a full blooded werewolf and is protective over his family and pack members,especially his daughter. His daughter is a very special and rare hybrid. He needs to expand his territory and make an alliance with the most terrifying Alpha.He has his Wolf packs symbol tattooed on his chest.

♡☆Luna Sage Kellara- Is the Luna to her mate's pack, and Luna to to her mate who is Alpha Jaspher. She became a Hybrid while her mother was pregnant with her, as she was bitten by a feral vampire.So she was born as a vampguar and found her mate in a full blooded werewolf. Their children are both hybrids.She has her packs Full Moon tattoo on her leg.

The Full Moon's Beta-

♤☆ Beta Aiden Trimper- He is a Jagpire hybrid and is the Beta to The Full Moon Pack. He found his mate and yet loves MiMi still and is very protective over her. His Jaguar is Blonde and Medium length, he has the smell of sweetness and masculine.As it is Cinnamon,Musk,He has been in love with Minnie for years and his mate knows about it,they both want her. He has his pack's tattoo ona his torso.

The Full Moon's Gamma-

♤☆ Gamma Adham Kellara- He is a Werepire as he is like his mother and sister who are both Hybrids. He didn't want to have The Pack's responsibility to all fall on him, as he is trying a family.Adham's werewolf is a brown medium built. He also has the pack's symbol tattooed onto his forearm.

The Blood Moon Pack

♤☆Beta Liam Rhiterly- A Waguar hybrid, as he's Werewolf and Jaguar. He's Alpha Alistair's bestfriend and Beta of The Blood Moon Pack. He's 6'0" has black hair,green eyes,muscular, dimples and has a Blood Moon tattooed on his back. He has his lip,left cartledge,tongue pierced. His Wolf form is big black and tan.

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