The Hybrid's Evil Mate Book

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The Hybrid's Evil Mate


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This is a is a story about a shy, killing and revenge seeking and nice 24 year old unmated rare hybrid named Minnerva Kellara. A very Rare hybrid has been unmated, none of the males in her pack want to be with her as she's a "FREAK" is what they call her. When the 'Craze' hits then they do want her along with the others, since she is forbidden. The MALES and FEMALES all think that she's a "FREAK" and is also forbidden since she's the Alpha's daughter.What is going to happen when the Alpha and Luna invites the cold-hearted,murderous,hot headed,killing machine and that man is Alpha Alistair Vladimer over to their pack house, for a party. They need him for an alliance, to help build the territories for both packs. Will her parents be able to control the party guest? Will Minnerva find her mate? Will this new alliance break up the pack or will it help? What will happen when Alpha Alistair finds out about Minnie's secret? How many other Hybrids are there like Minnie? Can Minnie find her mate? Or will her mate be scared off by her?


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