1 Hell

It's been 399th year and 364 days since Yi kang-ho crossed the world accidently through a portal.

"Today is the last day of this year after this day it will be 400 years of me being stuck in this damned place." he said.

Yi kang-ho was staring at the wall in front of him with a pair of emotionless eyes. In the wall there were countless lines drawn so that he does not forget the time he has spent in this hell.

Back on earth on the day he was sent to this world, he went on hiking. Where on a mountain he discovered a portal like thing, once he tried to reach out and touch it the portal shined so bright, he had to close his eyes and once he opened them, he found himself in this world which he called Hell. After he regained senses, he tried to explore this place suddenly he heard a low growl coming form his back. He turned around he found a rabbit like creature staring at him like the rabbit wanted to kill him. The rabbit had entirely red eye which resemble blood.

'What the heck is that thing?' he frowned.

Kang-ho was scared out of his wits when he saw that creature. He immediately turned around and make a run for it even if the rabbit was small the rabbit had very sharp claws. After a short run he turned his head to look for the rabbit, but when his eyes fell on the location where the rabbit was moment ago there was no rabbit but dust flying everywhere. He turned around to run faster, but right then he saw the rabbit jumping towards him from the front. He tried to dodge, but rabbit too changed his direction in the air, it was a true nightmare.


"Noooooooo…." he shouted

The rabbit swung its claw aiming at his chest, he tried to cover his chest with his hands, but he was a little too late before he could cover his chest rabbit had made a very deep wound in his chest.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…." He screamed from the pain.

He fell to the ground from the sudden pain he felt from his chest. He saw the rabbit a little far from him like it was enjoying watching the life leaving out of kang-ho's body, and it slowly started to hop its way towards him. Kang-ho thought this was the end, and his life would come to an end today by the hand of this demonic rabbit. His eyes were full of tears, and he started remember his family his strict but loving father, his loving and caring mother, his cute little sister who was 6 years old, she always came running to him puffing her cute chubby little cheeks when mom wouldn't buy her sweets, she asked kang-ho for sweets.

'I want to go back home I want to see my family; I don't want to die, someone please help' he thought.

He didn't want to die in this place where ever it was he wanted to return to his family as fast as he can, so he could pinch his sister's chubby little cheeks, and buy her lots of sweet. He wanted to see his family and feel their love. He tried to stand up, but rabbit attacked his leg and he fell halfway standing. He tried to find something with which he could injure the damned rabbit. He found a small rock, he threw the rock towards the rabbit, and it hit its head. Nothing special happened the rock didn't injure the rabbit; it enraged the rabbit more and it jumped the rabbit was coming for the kill. Right when he thought this this the end, he started to look around to find something to kill the rabbit.

He found a small stick with a pointy end, he picked that up he didn't have time to think he just swung his hand.

"I will kill you…." He shouted.


Before rabbit could hit him the stick which he swung had penetrated one of the eyes of the rabbit. The rabbit was hanging to the end of the stick, it looked dead and was unmoving seemed like the stick stabbed through its brain. He sighed of relief and fell unconscious.

He spent all the 399 years in this god forsaken land, every day risking his life fighting many types of creatures, demons, that's one of the reasons he calls this place as hell. If you want to survive in this place you have to fight and protect yourself, in these countless years he killed uncountable monsters each stronger than the other. It was a miracle he didn't go mad till this time the only driving force for him all this time was the memories of his family he didn't know if they were still alive or not but he still had hope he could meet them one day.

Coming back to the present, he was in the cave which he calls his house. He was hungry he wasted to eat something, prepared himself to go for a hunt.

"What should I eat today I am very hungry" he said to himself.

He exited his house and was just contemplating on what to eat. Right then he saw a huge spatial rift opened in front of him the spatial rift was huge it covered the entire sky above him. From the rift demons started to appear like flies there were countless demons started to appear and landed surrounding him countless demons surrounded him, but still he was not bothered in the slightest he had a smirk in his face.

"Ha ha ha ha, you demons do take pleasure in dying don't you. You brought all the forces you have to kill me? Come at me at one I will fulfil your wish to die." He said while griping the two daggers placed in his waist.

"Don't think too highly of yourself human we will kill you today no matter what. We have surrounded your today you can't escape from us human today we will end your pitiful life" said the demon lord.

"Who said I was running away? Your just annoying flies, as you have gathered in one place today, I will end all of your lives. Come at me if you have guts demon show me what you have got" said kang-ho.

The demon was enraged and shouted "kill him" and every demon charged at kang-ho.

At the end when kang-ho beheaded the demon he was covered in demon blood and his blood, there where many wounds in his body blood continuously spilling. He tried to see the surrounding the only thing he saw was endless corpses and rivers of blood the entire forest was turned into barren land there was no trace of green anywhere all red with the blood . he looked towards his body and said.

"Is this finally the end?"

'I don't want to die. Although It would be nice to rest a little.' He thought

He fell down and stopped breathing he felt his life leaving his body.

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