1 A Mysterious Light (Prologue)

"I am lord Cyrus, bow down to me" a young kid of five lifted his wooden sword to the sky playfully.

"I am Lord Regel and I challenge you to a duel," says another little kid, standing tall like the warrior he claims to be.

"Yeah, Lord Regel, give him hell,"

"Lord Cyrus, I've got your back,"

Surrounding these two young kids, their fellow mates hail them as they playfully battle each other.

This is a city known as Skyrock. It is surrounded by mountains reaching up to the sky, that's how the name; Skyrock came to be.

The city is very peaceful. Farmers, sellers, and travelers are occasionally seen at every corner.

Kids running from one place to another with their moms trying to catch up to them is also pretty common. If you need a place to rest and feel at peace, you've found it, for the people of Skyrock city are very welcoming.

Something very significant is about to take place, something that will mark the arrival of a being.

"Mom! look,"

"What is it?... oh my!"

The sky became cloudy unusually; it was a reddish-cloudy sky, and this darkened everything on the surface of the earth. This caught the sight of every person from different parts of the earth. Their facial expressions had one look... Anxiety!!

"My Lord, something strange is happening outside,"

In a large kingdom surrounded by massive walls, a royal Knight ran into the palace and reported to the king who is currently enjoying a birthday celebrating of his little daughter with his fellow noblemen. The Knight's presence caught a lot of attention and the King wasn't happy with this.

"What could be more important than the celebration of my little girl's fourth birthday?" The King asked, clearly still unhappy with his soldier's interruption.

"I am sorry for doing this, my Lord, but if you come see for yourself..."

"You better make sure this is worth my time," The King cuts in.

"Honey, why don't we do what he says, we can continue where we stop,"

"If you say so," The King's countenance seems to have brightened up thanks to the queen, "Alright, my young one," he said as he lifts his young child and walks outside, followed by every other royal family.

"This... is?"

The sight is indeed very shocking. Even the King himself is no better.

"I never thought I will get to see this with my very own eyes," King Regel said.

"Does this mean?..."

"We can't be sure,"

Murmurs could be heard among the nobles and royal families who were witnessing this event. The dark sky also brought the attention of every other person living within the walls of the kingdom. It did not escape the eyes of any living being.

Crash! Rumble!

Red Lightning flashed in the sky and thunder shook the air as it reaches down to the ground. The bright lights caused every person to protect their sight from the blinding light.

This lightning lasted for seconds before subsiding, the sky returns to normal, almost like nothing abnormal had happened just a while ago.

"If this is what I think it is, then we may have a problem,"

"Hopefully, our younger generation may be our salvation, we just have to grow them much stronger to withstand what's about to come, or it will be the death of us all," a noble said, evidently to the king.

"Agreed," the king replied with a nod.




It's been two days since that incident and everything has gone back to normal, or at least a lot better than it was earlier. Such an event is still very disturbing for those who knew its significance.

"I think we should throw out a search party to check out what exactly happened there," a high-ranking Knight said.

There are several important individuals gathered together in the palace. The king is on his feet; he is restless, which is very obvious from the look on his face. He kept walking back and forth, feeling quite restless, as you can see.

"A search party, huh?" The king mutters to himself and the hall became quiet for a few seconds, and then he said; "Yes! a search party is necessary. Whatever may have appeared on our land, we need to be the first to identify it, as this may be crucial," he said.

"Maddox, I'll be leaving this in your hands, as the captain of your team. Make sure you choose the best out of them and bring me good news."

"I will try," Maddox replied.




A group of travelers could be seen passing through a slightly forested surrounding, three of them to be more precise. They had donkeys, which are used to pull a small wagon where their goods are placed.

One of them looked more like a warrior since, unlike the others, he had a sword strapped by his side; he is also quite tall, but not to the extreme.

"Hmm? are you seeing that?"

"What's that?"

At a corner of the roadway, there is an unconscious person who is lying completely naked...

"It's a boy,"

"Was he abandoned?" asked the tallest man among them, you can tell how unhappy he is from his facial expression.

"What do we do?"

"We have to take him back with us," the tall man said. "He may not survive if we leave him here," he added.

"Ugh," The young kid opened his eyes, finally regaining consciousness.

"What's your name, boy?" one man asked.

"Hmm?" The young kid doesn't seem to understand their language.

"He... can't understand our words," The tall man must have noticed this.

"Where are your parents?" They kept trying to get more info from the young kid, but he just kept staring, unable to answer their questions.

"He remembers nothing,"


"Yeah, seems like it,"

"If I'm correct, he must be at least 3 years of age,"

One man covered the kid with a garment and puts the boy on the cart. There, they took the young child with them.

Their journey lasted for a day. They made a camp during the night and continued onward at the first light. Finally, after many hours of endless walking, the little town of Skyrock came to their views, just across a small river. Thankfully, a bridge had been built to help people cross with ease.

"I'll take this kid to the chief and see what he can do about this," the tall man said. He goes by the name; Ackley.

"Sorry for the trouble, we'll leave it to you,"

Ackley nodded and moved in a different direction. He is heading for the Chief's residence, which is further away.




"What is this news that I ear?" A middle-aged man walks out from the inner room. From his demeanor, you can tell he has quite an authority.

"It's been a while, Chief Barden," Ackley says with a smile.

"Indeed, it has," Chief Barden nods in agreement, "Perhaps we should celebrate your return," He said jokingly.

"Hahaha, that sound very tempting but that would be a discussion for another day,"

"Yes, I was already informed of the purpose of your visit," says Chief Barden. "Where is the child?"

"He's being dressed up by the maids," Ackley replied.

"Very well,"

"He has no memories of his past. He can't even speak a single word to express himself,"

"is He dumb?"

"No, not necessarily... he just can't make any words. He is like a big baby if I'm to describe it that way."

"Taking him to the orphanage would be best, or at least that's the current solution we have until we locate his actual family... if they still want the child," Chief Barden said.

"I could..." Ackley hesitates a little and then he continued; "Take the kid with me,"

"Hmm?" The Chief wasn't sure what Ackley meant by that.

"He's still very young. He needs someone who will take good care of him," Ackley said.

"Yeah, that's why the orphanage was established," Chief Barden commented. He could guess what Ackley was trying to say, but needs to be sure, just in case.

"Simply put, I'll like to take the child... besides, if anyone has a better chance of finding his parents, that would be me," Ackley said.

"That is true," The Chief agreed, "then I guess I will leave the kid in your care,"

Ackley stands on his feet and gave his last display of respect to the Chief before turning around to leave.

"Did you witness it?" The Chief suddenly asked.

"If you are talking about the mysterious lighting from the sky, then yes, I did. I don't think there is anyone who did not witness that event," says Ackley.

"What does it mean? The dark sky and lightning," asked the Chief.

"I do not know, but I hope it isn't something beyond our control,"

"To be honest, I thought we were about to witness the end of the world,"

"I wouldn't relax just yet," Ackley said, "Who knows what might happen in near future,"

"This is true," Chief Barden said.

"But there is currently nothing we can do about it... If you will excuse me, Chief Barden, I would like to take my leave, it been a while since I last set eyes on my family."

"Yes, I understand... you may leave,"

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