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The Hungerer


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At a period in time when all the worlds were closely still connected, beings of different kinds roam the earth, such as Magical beasts, giants, and of course, Demons. There is a well-known tale about a fearsome Devil, an existence known to have afflicted the earth many centuries ago, the one known as the 'Hungerer'. His presence brings the death of all lives, he is an immortal who has severed the law of the heavens. Fortunately, he is currently in deep slumber... but not for long. Our nemesis is sure to awaken, and when he does, this will give rise to an all-out battle that would claim many lives. Why then is all of this connected to the young boy called 'Ambrose' who has no memory of his past? there is only one way to find out... follow the story and be clarified. . . . There might be a lot of Mysterious events that may leave you unsatisfied starting from chapter 1, but this is necessary... please endure. I am not a badass novelist but I'll get better with time. The front page isn't mine...


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