The Human Weapon Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Human Weapon


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Following the advent of the X-gene, a random human mutation believed by some to be a gift from God, superheroes, mutants, and villains began to run rampant through the world. After years of failing to reassert control, the Freedonian government, a mere shadow of its former self, decides to bid it all on one last massive project, one that would fight fire with fire. They would create loyal, powerful mutants that would be able to finally put an end to the anarchy through the country. This is the story of one such mutant, and perhaps the most unique. Codenamed 'Aqua', she was, unlike her predecessors, never meant to be human. No, she was more than that. She was a Siren, a being that the government hoped would one day become the queen of all waters.


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