1 Getting to know the Characters

Once upon a time, Their was a boy named Ryan Gray. His childhood was a very not so pleasing one I'd say, His parents didn't really care for him, But when he didn't pass a class or did something he wasn't supposed to do, He got beaten. Their for he had straight A's in all of his classes, But he was learning something behide there back secretly, and that was magic. Magic was hard to do back then sense it was "too dangerous", and if you used it you'd be sent to jail. When he was in high school a powerful dragon attacked his high school, people tried to block it off, he was thinking of using his magic but the only spell he know hurt him as well. He didn't have time to think, so he charged at the dragon and thought of an object, and because of that he became a book!.

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In the present

March 2nd, 673

My names Ava Wolfborn, now aside from the past, in the present day magic is common, and it gets used day and night. My magic isn't really magic to be honest, I just have wolf ears and tail,

for your information I'm a half breed, I'm half wolf, and half human. My father was a human and My mother was a wolf but sense their was magic around she had a human form. So because of that people think I'm scary or I'm weird so I'm a loner,

I go to magic academy, this is a high school for different kinds of magic, I'm mostly interested in water magic, Because that's what my mom want me to use along time ago, also I live by myself, no parents no friends, I also love to read books!

Well that's really all about me I'll see ya next time!!