1 What He saw

It was a bright sunny afternoon, James as usual was out for his stroll, aimlessly walking and day dreaming about being a hero in a fictional world that he had created.

The path he chose was perfect for his day dreaming purposes.

A stone-paved path, covered with shadows of huge trees that were on the side. The wind here was pleasent, the bird chirped in the background, but what was unusual about this path was that this was empty.

But one might who wouldn't like to walk on it, the answer lies within James himself.

James was unlike any other human being, even though he looked like an average person, short but with a strong built, a fair skin and blonde hair that waved like it were from a Disney movie.

But what lied within James was something that was magical. He had an ability to imagine a place and go there, an ability that allowed him to morph a fictional world out of his will, the only thing that limited him were that he must have seen the place before. In other words he created a copy, and he controlled everything here. This was his realm he was this realm's God.


Jame's childhood was rather unfortunate, his parents had abandoned him to a mental hospital upon hearing his claims of this so called imaginary world of his. James himself wasn't aware what he had or what he truly was, but he had recognized this that he was alone in this world, and no one was like him, his only resort was to chose this solitude, in this he found comfort, in this he felt at peace.

James was strolling, aimlessly he had memorized the path and was aware of every step he took, but suddenly he tripped.

"Wait what, this isn't supposed to be here" James said to himself, upon looking at an oddly shaped rock which was apparatnly the cause of him tripping.

Upon closer speculation, the rock didn't match any of the nearby terrain, it was pitch black, and as James leaned in closer, he saw a face.

James fell back at the horror of seeing such a face.

"That can't be possible" he said to himself, he knew well that this was his realm, no entity can appear without his will, but here was an entity.

The weird rock started to morph, it grew larger and larger, and changed its shape completely until it resembled what James had seen in the rock earlier.

The face was hideous, pitch black, but even though it was a rock, James could see the skin there, it was scarred badly, then the eyes opened, the white cornea seemed to stand out among the black surrounding color, and then the eyes moved.

James felt panic surge through him, he started to shiver in fear, this wasn't possible he knew it but yet a face was hear that he hadn't willed, he was confused and scared.

"Who are you ?" James shouted

"Who I am, what I am is none of your concern James" came the reply.

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"What I came to tell you here was simple James, you are not alone. Stay where you are and we will be coming for you" .

"I can't take orders from this monster" James thought to himself, and almost as if the face had read his thoughts it shouted

"YOU WILL OBEY ME, ALL OF YOUR POWER SHALL BE MINE!!!!" and the rock vanished.

James was shocked, his legs were wobbling, and he thought to himself,

I have to run away....