1 Prologue

As the November winds howl in the night, a little girl, Ann, lies awake in bed. At the young age of 13, she has already been diagnosed with insomnia. She took melatonin, a chemical to make you sleep, and was waiting for it to work, until her brother came in.

"Hey, Ann! You still up?" he yelled.

She sighed."Yes, Josh. What do you want?"

"Wanna go to the old abandoned house on the end of the street? Me, Jason, and Andy are going!"

Once again, she sighs. "Fine. Let me get dressed." Josh nods and leaves. Ann swears she heard him yell something to her from downstairs, but couldn't decipher the gibberish that just spewed from her brother's mouth. She changed from her nightgown to her trusty jeans and sweatshirt, threw on her Airwalks, and left the house.

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