1 Chapter 1: Locked up

Ricky opened his eyes in a dark room, not only it was dark the place had institutionalised smell of urine and rotten things and dust.

''My God what is this place'"Where am I? What's going on? Why so dark" grabs something. "ahhh... It, its a skull, human, dead!" while his panicking at the corner of the room a woman stood up and walk towards him."" "Oh hi do you..." not letting Ricky to finish his sentence. He has already been Slap. Slap! slap! boom!

Ricky step back a bit then fell down.

Then he slowly stood up and walk slowly towards the girl

"thank you for calming me."

"Your welcome" the woman replied.


Flash back

Lucy woke up inside a dark room. But amazingly she doesn't have a problem seeing things. The room looks bright as day after blinking many times. "Where am I. What is this place?" vomit "what is that smell?" she roamed around to invistegate the cell when an orb of bright light shine inside the room. Tad! Something or someone drop on the floor. 'it's a guy? Is he alive?'

She thought. She check the guy if his still breathing, after some time." yep, still alive."

She then walk to a corner then patiently wait for the guy to wake up.

An hour had past when the guy woke up and then panic, panic then slap!



"thank you for calming me up" Ricky slightly bowd. With an expressionless face

"Your welcome mister?" Lucy ask Ricky his name.

"My name is Ricky Female" phhht! "hahahahaha ", Lucy laughed her heart out. After sometime "Yeah right. Mr. Female?" she said while wiping her tears. Forgetting the depressing situation they are in.

'what's wrong with this girl? Is she laughing at my name. I have the coolest name in our school alright? Alright? '

" Ricky Female, Fe as in iron in the table of elements and male as in man. They also call me Ricky IronMan." Ricky just explain with a smug look on his face. But if not of the light you could see his chiks burning from a little embarrassment.

"Ohhh, I see. Hi Mr. Female pfft* I'm Lucy aurum"

Ricky's Eye twich a little. "OK where are we and is it me or this room is a bit dark" Ricky commented. "nope just fine by me. I think where a bit under ground." Lucy replied.

"I already check the whole cell but I can't open the door, we're pretty much locked up in here." Lucy explained to Ricky. "Can you show me the door I can't really see much." Ricky streach out his hand for Lucy. " Yeah sure. But I don't think you can do any." clank! "Ohh it's open we're lucky miss Gold"Lucy haven't finished her words from shock. She tried to open it a while ago but it didn't buged at all..." your Mr Iron Man alright." then she smile with fakery .

" and hey what's with miss gold?" lucy exclaimed.

" Your aurum it's the Latin word for gold. Wait you didn't."

" Ohh a door! " she shouted stopping Ricky from asking. Cause she really doesn't know.

She run grabbing Ricky's arm up to the stairs to the door.

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