1 [Prologue]

When he woke up, all he felt was nothing.

When he stood up, all he felt was coldness.

When he looked around, all he saw was white and black.

When he moved his limbs, all he felt was the rushing breeze as he fell.

When he fell to the ground, all he felt was pain and his eyes closing.

When he woke up again, all he felt was discomfort in his stomach.

When he began walking through the land, his discomfort increased.

When he saw an animal, the discomfort increased.

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So he devoured the animal.

When he finished his prey, he walked on with an itch.

When he walked through a meadow of trees, he felt itchy in his neck.

When he saw a small river, he felt the itch increase.

So he drank the water until the itch was gone.

When he finished quenching his throat, he felt content.

When he stood up again, he felt different.

When he used his senses, he felt like the animal he devoured..

When he began walking again, he felt like an animal.

When he walked until the shining light turned black, the discomfort came back.

So he started looking for another animal again.

When he found his prey, he gave chase as it sprinted from him.

When he almost caught up to it, the ground beneath him gave away.

When he began focusing, he felt the wind rush past him.

When he landed on the ground, all he felt was pain again.

So he got up and walked on through the tunnels.

When he continued walking, he felt his limbs getting limper.

When he ignored the sensations, he felt his eyes closing.

When his eyes completely close themselves, he felt himself falling down.

So he drifted off into sleep within the dark caverns.

When he woke up again, he felt slight pain but better than before.

When he stood up again, he resumed walking through the tunnels.

When he looked around, he saw spiky rocks facing down and upwards.

When his throat started feeling itchy again, he looked around for water.

When he saw water dropping off the spiky rocks, he tore one out and devoured it.

When the itch disappeared, he walked on.

When the discomfort came back again, he felt pain again.

So he walked on.

He walked on and on and on.

He walked on through the dark cavern with no destination in mind.

Until he found a black blade stabbed into a rock.

When he looked at the blade, he felt the absolute need to pull it out.

So he did.

When he examined the blade, he heard a voice in his head.

So he looked around for the source but found none.

When he looked at the blade again, the voice appeared again.

When he opted to drop it, the blade suggested a partnership.

The blade helps him devour and in exchange, he uses the blade as a weapon.

So he soon walked out of the cavern with the blade as a guide.

When he and the blade left the cave... they didn't know a legend had been born.


(3RD POV - Unknown Forest)

A head of a wolf slammed into the snow as the assailant dealt with the rest of the pack, easily shredding and decapitating the rest of the animals. Blood splattered the white ground as the figure donned in sheer contrasting black armor flicked the liquid off his blade.

"You're getting better now, partner." A voice said as the figure began skinning the wolves while remaining silent.

"While I know you're not the most talkative type, but why're you gathering skin?" The voice questioned curiously.

"...You know... why... Greed. My clothing is not suited... for this weather." Replied the softer voice from the figure.

"Ah, right, right, sorry. Forgot about the fact that you, even for an undead can feel cold." The voice now known as Greed rebuked itself.

"Mhm... this... should be enough... if I combine it... with the rest..." The soft voice said to himself.

"Yeah, it probably should be, considering the fact that the wolves you've killed are bigger than your average wolves." Greed remarked.

"Yeah... is the wind... picking up?" The figure asked.

"Hmm... can't say for sure since I'm a sword but I do believe so, best get back to the shelter, boy." Greed answered, earning a nod from the figure.

"Understood..." Was all the boy said as he began walking while dragging the seven carcasses with him despite its sizes.

"Still... I can't really believe a Honkai thrall like you would actually have the strength to pull these bunch, they're really tough things to kill, y'know?" Greed commented.

"But I... killed them..." The boy refuted.

"Yep, exactly meaning how successful our partnership will be!" Greed affirmed.

"...Okay." Was all the boy said as the sword sighed.

"Seriously... would it kill you to show some emotions... oh, wait. Sorry, nevermind, you literally lost your emotions when you turned into a thrall." Greed stated sheepishly.

"I... don't really care..." Replied the boy.

"Well, that's on you... oh! Speaking of which! I finally made up a name!" Greed stated.

"Name..? Mine?" The boy asked, curious.

"Yeah! I can't just keep on calling you boy, right? I'm not some dad of war." Greed said, confusing the thrall with the last part.

"Dad... of war?" He repeated.

"Forget about it, anyway, your name for now on will be..."






"Fate Vassago.."

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