31 I learned from the best.

"ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR ***** MIND?! STOP!" As the loud angry voice of the Divine clone reverberated in the figure's head it immediately stopped in shock before dropping the heavy object that was on his back.

As the black haired clone landed on the ground in front of the figure it immediately dropped to his knees when it realized who was in front of him.

"WHAT WERE YOU DOING!?" He shouted out loud in anger once again.

"Y-Young master!" Jino said in shock and confusion not understanding what he did wrong, he didn't dare to look up at the angered divine.

"I-I-I I was training, so I could quickly break into a second level warrior and become your Chosen" Jino answered, his eyes full of tears threatening to drop at any time.

"Become a second level warrior?! The only thing you will become is a hunchback! Do you want to grow up and become cripple? How can you carry a rock on your back like this while running around?!" The angered Divine said with a red face while pointing at the large rock on the floor.

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"B-but young master…. This is how everyone trains. This is the training rock." Jino said as he pointed to the side of the stone which Malik noticed it contained some strange symbols. Though he couldn't read, it seemed like it might be saying the weight of the rock though that was just a guess.

"Is this really how everyone does it?" Now that he thought about it, all the older men in the village did indeed have some kind of back problems and that even included the village head himself. He had even seen Val rubbing his legs and back a couple of times looking to be in pain and he isn't even that old!

'Looks like muscle training is extremely behind here. I can't let this keep going or all of the village's warriors will have some kind of problem with their bodies by the time they reach their thirties.' He quietly thought to himself.

"You can't do muscle training like this. Even if you are strong, your body's joints, ligaments, muscles and bones aren't able to handle a training like this everyday and you will definitely end up having some problems when you grow older!!" He said sternly like an old teacher.

"T-this .." Now that he thinks about it he usually stopped his training because of the pain that he felt on his back and not because he was tired. The other warriors told him that training his body was a painful process so he unconsciously believed that the more pain he felt the better the training.

"Young master please teach me!" Jino said, lowering his head.

"Hehehe no problem. You see your young master here knows a lot about the human body! When it comes to physical training I'm basically a professional!" He said proudly feeling very confident

"But young master didn't you used to live in the sea? How do you know so much about human body training?" Jino asked curiously.

"Lets just say I learned from the best" He said as he remembered the hundreds of workout videos he watched as he laid on the hospital bed …. ..

Why was he watching workout videos you ask? Well he was a young boy stuck on a hospital bed all day, even though he was sick he was still curious about the human body when he reached a certain age.. Specifically the female one .. Unfortunately he couldn't watch a channel that was more focused on what he wanted to see as there was an old butler by him at all times, but since he was such a smart boy he made an excuse that he was very interested in workout videos since he couldn't move his body …. Now that he thinks about it the old butler gave him a strange smile when he said that and every time he put on the workout videos … He definitely knew didn't he?


"Ahem ahem.. Well first we need to make the right tools." As he said this he pointed a finger towards the training rock and it raised a few feet into the air before stopping right in front of him. When the preparations were finished he raised his finger once again and used a small version of the manta ray using his mana and the darkness element which ended up looking very similar to a blowtorch. He then started to cut into the rock as Jino watched curiously.

After a few minutes there were four strange objects floating in front of him. If Jino was from earth he definitely would have realized those were crudely shaped dumbbells!

"First things first. We need to first get the body ready by stretching. Try and copy me as best as you can as I do them." He said before he started doing the stretches he had seen many many times in his last life. Fortunately his clone was a perfect body so he had no trouble in doing the stretches whatsoever.

"Straighten your legs!... good good!.. Make sure to lead with your chest!" He shouted as Jino shakily followed after him doing all sorts of positions.

Only after he made sure to stretch every single part of his body he finally finished the stretch 30 min later. Jino couldn't help but be excited, his body was already shaking and this was just the preparation for the training! It's only been 30 min and his body is like this, before he would run for over an hour with the stone yet his body wouldn't have such a reaction!

"Here take one of these in each hand and hold them like this. Good now lift like this. Make sure to keep your back straight! Ok good so how is it? Is it heavy?" Malik asked while watching carefully

"It's a bit light." Jino answered as he lifted the weights a couple of times.

'Hmm these dumbbells are around 20 kilos each. It seems like humans are much stronger due to the powerful mana in their body. Fortunately I had already assumed this.' He quietly thought to himself.

"Okay try these ones then" He said as he made the two bigger dumbbells fly over to him that weighed around 40 kg each.

Jino carefully put down the ones he was using before grabbing the other ones from the air. After lifting them a couple of times he spoke out.

"It's not too light. I think I can lift it at least 10 times" Jino answered while lifting and lowering the large stone dumbbells.

"Okay good, these are what you are going to use to work on your biceps, shoulders, forearms, and a few others. First let's try this movement, lift them like how I showed you 12 times and rest for 30 sec before doing it again, you do this 3 times. Next I'm going to make some tools so you can work on the other muscles like the triceps chest and back." He said while pulling out a large stone off the ground that was close by and starting to cut it down.

Jino was a bit confused but he noticed that lifting that thing exactly like how the young master had told him was indeed giving him a good workout, he could feel the mana in his body churning as he did it which made him even more excited!

For 3 hours Jino worked out every single muscle in his body making him feel like a limp noodle as Malik taught him different workouts with each of the tools he made. He had also taught him everything he knew from the hundreds of hours of workout videos he had watched in his past life.

"And lastly make sure to sleep well and eat well it's extremely important!" Malik said with a smile. He felt proud seeing how tired the kid was in front of him lying on the floor like a dead fish however that same kid suddenly widened his eyes out of nowhere and sprung up into a sitting position before closing his eyes.

Malik was confused before he noticed that Jino's lifeforce/mana was churning quickly and powerfully and after a few seconds it was as if a dam broke and mana from the air was sucked into his body making the lifeforce inside of him become denser and denser. It basically multiplied many times over!

When he finished breaking through Jino opened his eyes excitedly before springing up and bowing to the divine in front of him

"Young master thank you! I never knew there was such a powerful body cultivation method before! Especially one that uses such strange tools! If it's with this I certainly have a chance to break through to the second level! I knew you weren't just trying to refuse me by giving me an impossible task! AAAA I need to tell my father! Excuse Me young master!" Jino quickly said before he turned around and bolted back to his house.

The young handsome man with black hair stood still for ten seconds while trying to process what exactly happened.

"... God dammit….."