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The weekend blew by with our visit to Jeremy's. Saturday night, he took us out to some fancy steakhouse before going home to use his home theater for the rest of the night. Zeke ended up staying with us until Sunday. Jeremy treated us to a big brunch at a restaurant near the university before dropping off Zeke. Then he took us all the way home. 

The house was unsurprisingly empty when we got home. Mom and Dad had some open houses to show while Kyle had plans with Marie. Our small group started to go our own ways too. Gramps wanted a nap and Dave wanted Noah to catch a bullpen session for him. Noah shocked me by agreeing so readily and without charging Dave anything extra. 

That left me alone with Jeremy. We grabbed some snacks and waters, and sat out on the back porch so we could watch the other two warmup and play. 

"Are you coming again next weekend?" I asked casually. 

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