858 V3 ch93 (School Begins)

Monday morning was hectic. Our first school morning sharing a room with the twins led to an early shouting match. I stayed under the covers for too long, listening to Kyle and Noah arguing over who should get to use the bathroom first. 

Dad came in to break it up. "Okay, that's enough." It got a little quiet. "Noah and Jake can use the hallway bathroom still. That means the twins are still responsible for their own bathroom." There were some complaints, but Dad shut them down. "Nope. Don't want to hear it. You're all old enough to be working on your own conflict resolution. If I need to intervene like this, then the final verdict is in my hands." He paused. "Someone get Jake out of bed. If you guys are late, I won't be writing you a note to excuse it."

"Ugh." The three complained. 

Noah pulled my comforter away. "Come on, Jake. Time for school."

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