867 V3 ch102 Game One: Katella HS (2)

Bottom of the first. Noah, Korrey, and myself would start it off. I stood beside Noah as we got our helmets on. 

He tugged on his batting gloves and flexed his fingers. "Let's get on the board early, yea?"

I nodded, trying my best to be as confident as him. 

He grabbed his bat and left the dugout first. Korrey wasn't far behind, getting into the on deck circle. I stood in the hole, near Coach, and Garret who was also getting ready to bat after me. 

Brett, on the mound, did some practice pitches that...weren't too impressive. I couldn't tell if it was just because it was a simple warmup or maybe because I'm used to watching the twins every day, but either way I wasn't scared by it. Not even slightly nervous. If anything, it helped me relax.

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