44 The Raj is getting International but he isn't happy because of her

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The flashes of his face kept popping in her head. His round shaped face was looking more chiseled from this angle which was resting on his arm at the table.

His straight forehead shining under the beam of light. His perfect hairline was on full display from this angle and some of the locks of his perfectly set hairs were falling on the sides. Creating that side parted short-hairstyle look. This angle was barely trying to hide his silky, beigy nape and once you look at the front side of him, his throat, his Adam apple can show up enchanting, encaptivating when he gulps.

Those monolid dragon shaped eyes with straight eyebrows set are effortlessly able to freeze anyone's footsteps, especially girls. It was these eyebrows which have stopped the heart-beats of many employees, whenever arched at them.

It was those dark brown pupils (which were closed as of now) that can suck the life out of a person, that carries the capability of showing hell to a person, which could be cold, dangerous and intimidating. The same dark brown pool which drowns her every single time in them, whenever she stares at him, making her unable to snatch them away from him or act appropriately in front of him.

His button-shaped nose, perfectly enlightening his thinner pink lips above his round chin which presents his perfect jawline. Making her wonder how it would look if he smiled whole-heartedly at least once.

After all, he has that innocent, baby face, which makes his smile to be the most innocent smile naturally. But this cruel, cold world didn't let him be innocent, it turned him into a cold, dangerous human, who is known as the business magnet of India.

But if he showcases his true smile revealing those oval-style teeth, then it would end many famous people's careers in a second. [Here it goes, with the touch of editing from me. Lol]

She didn't even know how engrossed she was in thinking about her marvelous husband, when the waiter has to knock on her table countless time to bring her out of her dazed state.

'Sorry!'She said absent-mindedly.

'Miss Chauhan, Your order is ready.' Waiter said while showcasing the bags, earning an apologetic smile from her. She picked the bag and left the Food Hub.

But every step she takes towards her destination, the more her nervousness gets. Fine, staring at her husband isn't a crime. But she was practically drooling over him, while daydreaming in The Raj. It sure as hell was a crime.


Ashutosh watches it all, with a sigh. Then, he resumed his work. He can tell that 'that man' affects her. He felt the urge to procrastinate and he doesn't even need to know why.

After all, we need to be focused to do our work. The moment that focus moves to something or someone, then we are bound to lose interest in our work .


Yuvika enters while trying to avoid eye-contact with Ashutosh, who notices it again, but decides not to point it out. As he doesn't want the things to escalate in between them. After all, he had no idea how he would handle the situation, if she really confessed that she feels something towards that guy.

So, he decided to suffer in silence. At least this is the only thing he could resort to.

'Mr. Pratihast, lunch time.' Yuvika announced, while starting to unpack the lunch boxes.

'Hmm..' He replied, then left the work he had long lost interest in.

No one uttered a word during the lunch and after that once again they resumed the work and Yuvika started taking care of the simple meetings of The Raj. While Ashutosh was busy attending The Virtual Conference with foreign delegates.

After all, The Raj was bound to be a great success not just nationally but at the international level too. So, after putting it aside for so long. Ashutosh decided to do it. To enter the foreign markets.

Thus he works without watching the clock. While Yuvika works alongside him, handling all the matters that aren't of his concern with the help of Pranav, who finds it as the golden opportunity to complete his mission under Ashutosh's nose.


After working continuously for three days and four nights. Finally, Ashutosh was able to submit the satisfactory proposal to the foreign delegates. While everything related to The Raj nationwide was handled by Yuvika and Pranav completely.

It was a huge step. Finally they were going to launch their company on an international scale. They would be entering the foreign markets. It would bring lots of challenges, troubles and goals. But at the same time, it would bring lots of prosperity to the nation and The Raj. The inflation rate will go down. The stock market will rise. The salaries of the commoners will rise. The people from the middle class and lower class will benefit the most from it, since the goods price will go down. Giving them an easy life.Another flood of money will be arriving at the doors of India.

All thanks to The Raj.


Though it was a historic moment for the nation. But the people behind it weren't happy. As Ayushman had long started crossing his limits, breaking Yuvika's personal space, touching her every now and then, even pecking her and then leaving her all alone to deal with the aftermath.

Making her too distracted to focus on her work. Letting Pranav to handle almost 75% of the work on his own, bringing a lot of stress, fatigue and trouble in its wake.

As for Ashutosh, well when he cracked the deal and the conference ended. He checked on Yuvika only to witness the kissing scene between the duo. He saw how he left after kissing her, while she remained rooted to her spot. After that she wiped her lips and face and then went back to resume the work with Pranav, who was on his straw's end.

Pranav had witnessed the changes Yuvika underwent in Ayushman's presence and had admitted to losing the bet, way before the time was due. As he was least interested in watching the couple's PDA. Or them making out in front of him, just for some money.

Just like The Raj was the breaking news in India. The same way, Yuvika and Ayushman were the breaking news in The Raj. Despite winning the bet, Ayushman hadn't let her be. As he was hellbent to sleep with her. He would every opportunity to ask her to go out with him, even if it's to the nearby park, mall, departmental store.

But as if the person bound with responsibility could say yes to him. She had let down all his offers under the pretext of work. Given the results of The Raj, he could tell she is a workaholic and The Raj will be riding the tsunami of fame again.

So, he was trying all he could to ensure his position in The Raj. Not by fulfilling his monthly target. But by wooing her. After all, who would kick him if he is the boyfriend of The Acting CEO of The Raj.

Thus, he was enjoying his luxurious life, while doing nothing. Whenever he couldn't take it any further. Then, he would visit some nightclub to find a good chick who would be as horny as him. Helping him with his release.


After cracking the deal;

Ashutosh announced the celebration event for its employees and their families, in The Raj. As the form of appreciation for their work. Yuvika was the one who was put in-charge of this event. Thus, when Ashutosh was resting, she was still working. Making their interaction with each other more or less equal to none.


Finally after two days;

Yuvika was able to resume her normal life. She knocks on his door, earning a come in from him.

' Mr. Pratihast. These are the details about the event. Please check. Also, If I may ask, then will your parents be coming too?' Yuvika asked, while placing the tab full of information in front of him.

' Why?' He simply asked her, without glancing at her. After all, she was cheating on him. Firstly it was just a meeting, but now they were already kissing. He didn't need to know, he was angry. He was disgusted by her. He was more or less despising her. But more than that, he was hating himself for not being able to make her fall in love with him.

He was hating himself for not being able to be her man. For not being able to attract her. After all, his species needs her. His clan needs her. His people need her. She has to fulfill the prophecy.

She has to end his suffering. She has to end it. She has to end everything. Only she can break the curse at the right time , in the right moment. But she has to be his at that divine moment to be able to do that.

Sigh! He can't let his kingdom, his people, his sister suffer. He just can't.

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