3 Be my wife

'Wow. So, you remain speechless when it comes to your sudden marriage. But, you want the bride of your choice, in fuckin one week. Are you dreaming or something? Coz, even fairytales don't have such an odd concept of getting the perfect life partner at the last moment.

Man, you are practically walking on thin ice, which is breaking at a devastating rate.' Vivek ended up shouting, well the shock was beyond something, that could keep him normal.

' No swearing.' Ashutosh reminded him.

' Come on, she isn't even here. Besides, we should be thinking about the problem at hand. Not her.' Vivek roared again. Fine, Kirti has that no swearing, being polite policy. But to hell with that at present.

' Calm down.'Ashutosh suggested to agitated Vivek, who finally calmed down.

' So, what's the plan?' Miss Chauhan asked.

'Let's create a list of the girls who fall in the category of my 'ideal type' and meet with them one-by-one. Maybe it's not as dreadful as we think. We should be optimistic. Remember the psychology of the mind.' Ashutosh cheered for the duo.

' Yeah, we attract what we think. If our thoughts are positive, then we will attract positivity. If our thoughts are negative, then we will attract negativity. So, let's be optimistic rather than pessimistic.

So, how are we going to do that? Television, newspaper, or internet!' Vivek asked, finally letting the positivity flow in him.

' I think, even in our own company we can find many candidates. So, what's the eligibility criteria?' Yuvika suggested with optimism.

' Not from the company, Miss Chauhan. Not from our organization. That's the rule, remember.' Ashutosh couldn't help but add, making her nod.

' So, what are your requirements, Boss? Wait, why does it look like a King recruiting the concubines in the past? Oh right, that's because we will be doing the same.' Vivek said, making Yuvika chuckle and Ashutosh scowl at him.

' I just hope you won't face the same situation, Vivek.' Ashutosh said, though his eyes clearly stated otherwise. Making the duo laugh again.

' Boss, the requirements!' Yuvika asked again.

' Huh! Someone, who believes in being independent, while being responsible enough to handle a large family on her own. Someone, who can do both the house chores and manage the business. Someone, who can treat my parents as her own and respect me and my ideology of being a workaholic. Someone who is cheerful, lively, and mature. Someone, who can make it her way or highway, but knows when to compromise. Someone, who is passionate about her life, her dreams, her beliefs, and be passionate about our marriage too.

Someone, who can just be herself, rather than trying to be someone else. Someone who is content with life and shows me a new way of living. A completely new, better than mine, the perspective of living a life. Someone who has wheatish, dusky skin, dark brown eyes, long black hair, and an innocent, loving, likable face.

Someone, who at least reaches up to my shoulders, without heels. Lean figure.The natural beauty of sorts. That's my requirement.' Ashutosh finally finishes imagining the qualities he would love to have in his wife. While Yuvika penned down all of them.

After which, they resume their work.


Four days pass in a flash.

The work had been split out. Miss Chauhan, Mr. Bacchas, and Mr. Pratihast would work on their 'Urgent+confidential work', while Mr. Das. Mr. Choudhary and Miss Kashyap were dealing with the meetings, projects, and the company.

Within the last three days, their strategy was to find the ideal girl for the marriage. But now, they have shifted more into hiring a girl, who will be pretending to be Ashutosh's wife, rather than finding a bride.

Yesterday was the most hectic of all the days, same goes for today. Since, many girls, especially the fairytale lovers, applied for this special hiring, the trio was having a hard time handling all the lovely ladies.

Not to mention, Ashutosh had to handle every lady personally, just in case, he ended up missing an actually eligible candidate. Vivek and Yuvike would mostly do the commentary in order to bring some fun in their bored, hectic life.

'That's 156th for the day. I wonder what exactly he is looking for in his hired partner.' Vivek said, making Yuvika chuckle.

' Something that the last 155 didn't possess.' Yuvika replied back and it was Vivek's turn to burst into laughter.

Gosh, the girls were really giving their best, as if it's a life-and-death situation for them.

But another day passed with disappointment.

Sixth day ;

'Boss, tomorrow is the wedding day. We have to take care of other important things. We can't just keep looking for your bride.' Yuvika couldn't help but suggest. Half of the day has passed with futile results.

' Yes, Boss. She is right. I am sure, your bride will dislike a bland marriage, regardless of whoever she would be.' Vivek said, trying to keep his sarcasm in check.

' What's Kirti's update?' Ashutosh asked, rather than replying.

' The concert is tomorrow.' Yuvika replied, letting everyone know that no way in hell that girl would be available for tomorrow. Vivek and Ashutosh heaved a deep sigh. She was their last hope.

' How about we split, Boss? Let me handle the wedding arrangements and you two take care of the bride's problem. What do you say?' Yuvika suggested.

While the duo stares at Yuvika with countless thoughts. As the realization struck on them. Ashutosh nodded, although he wanted to say that his parents had taken care of everything. Given that they had kept themselves engaged with his wedding arrangements for the whole week, unlike them, who were busy looking for a girl.

Soon, Yuvika left the duo alone.

' Are you thinking what I am thinking, Boss?' Vivek asked, his eyes skeptical, his teasing and sarcasm nowhere around.

' But she is her assistant. If she ever finds out about the truth, then she will hate us. I can't risk the bond they share.' Ashutosh retorted.

'So, at the very least even you acknowledge that she is your ideal type. Perfect, just like her boss.' Vivek said with seriousness.

' We are talking about 'the impossible' here. Firstly, she is her assistant. Secondly, you know the rules. Thirdly, if the truth ever comes to light, then she will hate all of us. Fourthly, I am not looking for any substitute here.' Ashutosh tries to reason with his friend.

' Boss, it's been five years. We have spent five years together. Yet there never comes a day, when you have to try to reason with me, disregarding the fact, whether I am right or wrong.

We both know, you are trying to reason it out with yourself, not me. Because somewhere even you are considering this possibility. Aren't you, Boss?' Vivek said in an exaggerated manner while using all types of expressions he can.

' Nevermind. Take your time, Boss. Oops, you don't have time to begin with, Boss. So.. ahem.. what I mean is.. take your time, Boss, as much as you want. But, I can bet, tomorrow the girl sitting next to you in the sacred mandap would be her. See ya.' Vivek said with a wink, then started walking toward the door, looking as if the tones of burden had been removed from his shoulders. Finally, he can sleep freely to shine tomorrow at his friend's wedding.

But the moment he opened the door, he froze. Yuvika was standing on the other side of the door and judging by the ghastly expression she had on her face, it's clear, she had heard their conversation. Ashutosh also noticed it and couldn't help but gesture to Vivek to leave them alone.

Vivek gives an apologetic smile to Ashutosh, before leaving the room.

' I am sorry, the stress is really taking a toll on my mind's thinking power. But don't worry, we will come up with a solution. Just give me some time to think.'Ashutosh replied, knowing full well, how easily things can turn awkward in between them.

She just nodded.

'I just wanted to say that, I check with your parents and every arrangement is done, from the venue to the dressing, to the jewelry, to the guests, to the invitation to the priest. Just your bride is missing.

Take your time, Boss. I wish Miss Rajput would have been here. Since she is the core of creative ideas. I am sorry for being useless.' Yuvika apologized humbly, then left him alone.

He felt grateful to her. Since she didn't let the things get stale in between them.


But, as if fate knows about the definition of mercy. At the end of the day, Ashutosh finds himself in front of the door of the room he never wanted to enter. Or the one, he doesn't want to enter.

He knows the person inside the room is the answer to all his problems. Yet at the same time, he doesn't want to enter. Maybe because he knows, once he enters inside, the things are bound to change in between them. The things, the friendship, the boss-employee relationship they share will come to a strong halt and the complex, complicated relationship will take its place in between them.

No, just because he is messed up, pretty badly, doesn't mean he should ruin or mess up someone else's life too. That would be wrong. So wrong.

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