The Hiding Queen
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The Hiding Queen


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What is The Hiding Queen

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After grueling years, Queen Feria Avelia Nightreign finally finishes setting up advanced foundational systems for her kingdom that would make their kingdom function more smoothly, and yet rather than being grateful and joyful, she feels extremely annoyed that her trusted advisors are endlessly trying to convince her to marry already. “I finally have some time to spare for fun, and yet you *guys* want me to waste it on marriage interviews?” Queen Feria glares at her advisors, “nope, not gonna happen.” “Your Majesty you aren’t young anymore, actually you’re about to be in your thirties in just a couple of years. And thirty is quite old to be single your highness.” Finneas tells Queen Feria bluntly. “So? What if I’m old? I still look young and beautiful,” Queen Feria proudly declares, “and of course I’ll still be fit and lithe even after two years and even years after that (all hail my royal pedigree!) so you shouldn’t worry about me getting married, Finneas. It’s more likely you guys just want me to marry so I can finally sympathize with you all and your troubles of not meeting their significant other because of noble duties.” Queen smirks as she sharply looks at her advisors one by one. *coughs* “That’s not true at all your highness!" Hugh, another trusted advisor, blurts out. “Right, Feel our pain, your Highness!” George nods as he agrees. While Finneas just silently meets Queen Feria’s glare. Queen Feria continues to glare at her advisors while they stay quiet yet firmly meets her gaze. The silence then is broken by a knock on the door. “Sister, can I come in?” Albert Fennia Nightreign asks. Upon hearing her brother’s voice, Queen Feria is struck by an idea. With a sly smile, she says, “Come in Al, you’re just in time, thanks to you I just came up with another brilliant plan of mine~” Hugh, George, and Finneas, baffled by the queen’s sudden change of mood, look at each other as Albert comes in. “You have another plan to do, Sister? But I thought you are free right now?” Albert looks at his sister with his eyes shining with curiosity. “Yes, my dear Brother. Just now I came up with a brilliant plan that would ease those fools over there while still having some fun, heh heh, Hah Hah!~” Finneas adjusts his glasses, which is a habit whenever he feels uneasy, while both Hugh and George shiver from a sudden cold feeling. Albert with a confused face looks back and forth between his laughing sister and her advisors. It turns out that Queen Feria’s plan was to enroll in the prestigious Academy of Escarton, to find a suitable marriage partner while crossdressing and impersonating her brother. Queen Feria was even able to recruit her brother to play the part of her personal servant. It was already too late when her advisors found out this true plan of hers. So, they regrettably lament for all the poor innocent souls that their queen will corrupt.

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