In a dark and decaying alley between old and uninhabited buildings. Six silhouettes are glimpsed, one of them lying on the ground. Near her is another silhouette pointing at what appears to be a firearm.

"Come on, whay they do this to me?, I haven't done anything," says the silhouette that burns on the ground. That with the illumination provided by the moon, it is now distinguished that he is a man in his forties, thin, somewhat emaciated.

"Let's see, you've been trafficking love potions and prolonged hairiness, both grade 3 substances. Illegal in America, Europe and Asia. We believe that you are not as innocent as you claim to be. Why don't you just cooperate with us? "Asked the man with the gun. Now he is distinguished, he wears a steampunk suit with a top hat, a monogram that highlights his eyes that reflect the moonlight like a rainbow, his bangs He was coming down like a watershed by his forehead, revealing his black hair.

"It will be better than coperes idiot. Come on, Alex, cut a pair of fingers to make it fast, I want to eat pizza and sleep" says a woman in the group with rebellious clothes on a mesh that covers her curvy body, redhead, when she speaks she can be noticed that one of her teeth fails front. This comment made the man sweat on the floor. The fact that the woman holds a pair of daggers only makes it worse.

"Oh, my friend, you better hurry up and tell us who provides you with the potions before" "all right, I will tell you everything" Alex was interrupted by the man on the ground.

"They are a group of renegade witches, they provide me with potions and I only sell them to young people who pass through this area," said the man in a panic.

"Can you let me hurt? I didn't do anything else "asked the resigned man.

"Grrrrr ..." The tallest man in the group growled with the last words of the man. The man looks wild, with fangs protruding from his mouth, brown hair, brown eyes and a bit untidy. "Or my friend, of course you can leave now. But I think my friend Max wants a solo talk with you, "Alex said, pointing to the big man.

The group of four left the alley leaving only their partner to have their "friendly" talk

"I'm sorry Red, but you'll have to eat later, I think we'll have a long night," Alex said to his red-haired partner.

"Tch" Red just clicked his tongue.

"Let's finish this fast. I'm getting sleepy," said the smallest figure in the group, was completely covered by a hood.

"The little Jade is sleepy like the little boy he is?" Red said in a mocking tone.

"Shut up," said an altered Jade.

Suddenly out of the alley came screams of horror but the group did not swell, as if it were a common situation.

"What do you think, Yuuki, let's get this done quickly," Alex asked his last member. A young man with white hair up to his neck, a delicate face with a bored look, wearing a long coat and a pair of gloves regardless of the weather. Just asymptium in response.

Soon the gigs ceased. Ptonto left his partner now covered in blood.

"Fence friend you let yourself go, right?" Alex said.

"That fool would halt the lives of children, it made me angry" Max replied

"Well let's go, we have witches to hunt" said Alex


Team 13 of the FRONTIER association He was known for his excellent offspring and lethality but better known for the beings that made him up, beings rejected by his own, different but still found among them a family with blood beyond them.

These renegades turned out to be a great addition to the association for years, loyally serving association but when they needed those they served they only got rejection, the same rejection they got before.

That was revealing to them, they only have five of them and they are all they need.

They left him who rejected them. They left the organization as what they were a myth...


"It's time to hunt witches," Alex said as he threw himself off a car bridge, into the shadows of the latter.

Alex landed among the group of renegade witches ran towards what appeared to be the leader. A great nose nose while his companions addressed the rest of the group.

"What are they doing here, why do they break us in?" The witch shouted as she tried to cast Alex with her little barite.

"We are MYTH and we are here to take care of you renegade witches," Alex said calmly as he approached the witch.

"Everything ready on this side" Max shouted as he dragged the corpse of three witches. The leader saw how her lackeys seemed to think of a way to escape from there.

"When we have company," Jade said as she levitated two girls who held each other.

The witch saw this as an escape opportunity and ran to the girls. Alex who saw the witch's movement went after her. But the witch managed to take one of the girls with her arm around her neck and her wand aimed at the girl's face.

"Still all or the girl dies" Shout the witch, desperate to escape.

"LIZ" Shouted the girl Alex was holding hard.

"Quiet, it will be fine" Alex whispered to the girl so he could calm her down. This is a pain I hear what Alex wanted but still managed to calm down.

Alex glanced at Jade as a sign before Bolner looked at the witch.

"Leave the girl alone. She has nothing to do with this," Max said angrily.

"The girl stays ..." The witch did not finish talking about how they levitated the girl away from the witch. Alex took this opportunity and fired his weapons at the witch.



The bullets pierced the witch's head, killing her right away.

"Jade verifies that they are well" said Alex

Jade nodded and went to the girls who were crying

"What are we with them?" Red asked

"Ask your share of the history when they calm down and how they passed the barrier" Alex replied, Red nodded and went to the girls to try to calm them down.

"This is going to be a long night." Alex sighed. And it was after his team that he calmed the girls.

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