The Hidden Sage and The Star Chariot
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The Hidden Sage and The Star Chariot


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What is The Hidden Sage and The Star Chariot

The Hidden Sage and The Star Chariot is a popular web novel written by the author catvi, covering NOHAREM, KINGDOMBUILDING, ROMANCE, MODERNKNOWLEDGE, REINCARNATION, CULTIVATION, ACTION, SMARTMALELEAD, CLANMANAGEMENT, , Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 13.4K readers with an average rating of 4.97/5 and 29 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 28 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The denizens on the discs lead a simple yet satisfying life. They hunt, gather, and train in Manna to pass the day. Maybe explore one of those Ancient ruins poking out of the ground, but only if they feel adventurous! They also have their fair share of troubles. Monsters, wars, and the occasional Evil God passing through, just to name a few. But that is fine! They don’t let the trouble bother them. Because that’s how it has always been, and always will be, for Aeons to come. So how will they react when two foreign souls barge into their lives, kick their future ambitions of mediocrity to the ground, and brutalized it without prejudice? What will they do when witchcraft such as ice cream, seasoning, and thermodynamics are shoved to their faces? Will a bland life still satisfy them when the spices make it so much better?

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Obligatory 5-star review from the author as per traditions of old, first done by the gods of paywalls themselves on their native realms. Jokes aside, I will not say what is good or bad about this story here. That is a reader's job to find out. What I will say is, I have the first 100 chapters planned, with a rough outline of the next 5 or 6 arcs too. This is a maybe kingdom/civilization-building novel, with a touch of slice of life and romance (no harem). There will also be action and adventure down the line. That is all as more would be spoilers, and I don't want to ruin the fun.


Reveal spoiler


Have you ever started a novel where three paragraphs in, you wanted to curl up in the cushions and never stop reading until the end? This is that kind of novel. The first chapter alone, I fell in love with the characters. For that, my hate for the author will never abate! Because this is a reincarnation novel. But reading further, I now understand the truth of the line: passion, yet serenity. Because the succeeding chapters are hardly any less compelling than the prologue. Due to this, author, I've decided to just wait by the riverside instead of actively hunting you. The worldbuilding in this novel is something to be envied and savored, but maybe that's just me. The excellent writing style and masterful command of English is rare on WN. That is definitely not just me. Reading how the worldbuilding, the plot, and the characters entwine and weave together like they were going through one of those old complicated Shakespearean dances is an incredible experience. This is a cultivation novel and with all that implies: powers, great beasts, feudal domination, and such. Cultivation implies bloody violence and even bloodier politics, but this is a warmer novel, a more down to earth story. It's also unique in that the setting is something like Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear and that makes it more awesome. I recommend this novel to all who want incredible characterization, great writing, and beautiful worldbuilding.


the cover does no justice to the book nor does the synopsis, there's a great amalgamation of elements on this story, it's an easy read surprisingly and makes me imagine a different realm altogether.


REVIEW Narration: Decent and immersive Worldbuilding: Vast and detailed Character development: Nice and steady Character design: Outstanding Dialogues: Realistic and Lifelike Pacing: Not fast nor too slow Writing quality: Magnificent Execution of the Genre: Good pitch Story potential: High Updating Stability: Steady MESSAGE Wow this is an exhilarating read! The opening was like a movie on my view. Definitely recommend this to others and I am so happy to say that your has the potential in which I don't have. More power to you and may it find success. New readers, please give this novel a chance, it will surely not disappoint you.


Wow, I impressed, author, really this story has a great world background, the descriptions are immersive and detailed, you have a good way with words, and you can lead the reader inside your world easily. I appreciate that as a reader. Great pacing and the writing quality is amazing too. I will keep your story in my library waiting for more updates.


It took me quite some time to understand this book because I haven't read a book based on kingdom building and cultivation world. Because of my inexperience, I won't say much about it. What I appreciate about this book is the way the author penned each paragraph and chapter with care. They are neat with no unnecessary long monologues and whatnot. They help a novice reader like me to be introduced to this genre. Keep up, dear author!


Nice modern fantasy novel, techs are interesting and the author leaves alot of room for creative imagination, coupled with some nice world building. Watching out for those spaceships, def reading this one.


I was pumped up with the sci-fi prologue. Hope the elements return to the main plot somehow, but even if they didn't this story still is an excellent piece of writing with rich background. You can't ask for a fuller package than this. In fact, I am a bit overwhelmed by the fast pacing of entities being introduced to the story, it's become a bit challenging to track who's who and what's what. The latest chapters are obviously still the very beginning of a long journey, yet I can already tell this is going to go the distance. I am excited to see what's to come


I humbly write this review because the author deserves a better reviewer than me. This story is simply brilliant. I cried reading it. You know it is a great novel when you are attached to it on a deeper emotional level. The writing is nothing lesser than any published well-reviewed novel. Just very very few grammatical errors, easily fixed by a simple edit and does not affect the writing at all. Every single word is measured and fits the surrounding atmosphere. The best part are obviously the characters. I love a good character driven story, someone that I can relate to. And boy did I relate to the characters of this story. The migration part was flawless and nothing short of brilliant. I will keep reading it and thank you author for giving me the opportunity to review your story.


Reveal spoiler


The story has a very strong beginning, with a lot of intriguing elements, where both the characters' background and motivations are explored. The build-up feels appropriately paced, steady and engaging. The writing quality is good with only a few mishaps which barely registers, however, with a very tech-heavy language in the first chapter, it can be difficult to follow what happens -- and why it happens. Good work!


This novel is amazing and does not shy from giving great descriptions, characters, and situations. And plenty of character gravitas right from the start, which is necessary in any high-concept story. The image of two souls hugging before being reborn is the true heart of the novel. Definitely added to the Library! In addition, any story that begins In Medias Res is almost always great. It indicates a storyteller who knows when to use exposition, when to hold it back, and when to weave it properly. Amazing work!


Excellent Work. The synopsis, the characters, the writing quality, and the story development... great. There are not many chapters but these chapters are more than enough to show the story potential. And it has great potential, especially in the author's hand. You're doing an excellent job, keep it up.


Very nice and refreshing, really! This is a unique story, and I'll be following it for sure :) Lots of difficult words and names, but all done with great control, so that it makes sense!


The storyline is interesting. The world-building is narrative and decent. The updates are steady. The writing style is well written and dialogues are on point and remarkable. The flow of the story is not fast nor too slow. The characters are well portrayed and designed in every detail. Highly recommend it for reading. The story has great potential to reach great heights. Keep up the good work, Author! Kudos!


I am not really in the fantasy genre, but after reading a few chapters I have an idea where are from ;) what kind of books and movies you like ;) The cover page is great! The synopsis is short, but gives an idea of what to expect from the story and makes the reader interested in the plot. The most important fact is that from the very beginning of your story you are trying to describe the world you created. Well done!


I love the author to narrate his story and got high potential. I need more chapters and I think he will use his mind to create this better than its usual.


A strong start that drops you directly into the action, introducing you to the unique mechanics of this world. The characters and dialogue are fluid and realistic, letting you engross yourself into the story easily; this makes for a fun read without you scratching your head on how the characters are handled.


totally my kind of book. Fantasy rocks. I like your synopsis and story development. Everything looks on point[img=coins][img=fp][img=coins][img=fp][img=coins]


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