Abigail enjoying the scenery from her balcony house. Having hot chocolate while doing light reading really distress her from workload burden.

From her balcony she can cleary see every single activity in the garden that most of the people who are living in that condo will spent their evening activities. There is one couple really attract her attentions; they are young couple and so sweet, may be just married. Looking into that couple drag her to the memory that she try hard to forget.

Abigail, married but she never even know her husband name. Not even know the family of the man she married 10 years ago when she was still 18 years old and the worst thing that she never know where is the man now.

It was 10 years ago when she still young and naive. It was her first day in this city. Coming with a big heart and hope to have a new start as she going to enter college in few days that year. She was having a very bad flu and heavy head after the long journey from her small town heading to the city. It started when she quickly checkin to the low budget hotel and entered to the wrong room while someone was inside there; the man she married the next day.

It was very dime in her memory and nobody know exactly what happened that night. The next day they both found without any clothes. The man she married denied any possible thing happens between them that night. They was then asked to get married by someone that may be have the total authority on her husband and they end up married that noon. Not even asking her name, the man she married dispeared and never come. The marriage certificate was with that man, she only given a simple rose gold ring.

Life must go on. The following week she started her degree in business managment and graduated 4 years later. Started working few months after she graduated and slowly climb up to where she is now.

It's seems that her life ready for a beautiful family but who is her husband and she never look into what Love is.