1 Assassin

It was a cool Friday in the Holy Capital with the weather not being too cool or too hot the perfect day. A party was going on in the Palace of the popes in celebration of the Pope being inaugurated. While the party was going on no one seemed to notice a Shadow approaching the window.

The shadow approached the window and raised his arm and a bolt fired out from his wrist and shot out at frightening speed. The shadow did not even seem to stick around to see if he even missed cause soon the shadow could not be seen after that bolt was fired from his wrist.

The Pope was as happy as could be because he had just gotten enough power to rule this capital with a iron fist. While he seemed to smile enough for god to come down personally and thank but before he could even put his plan into a motion a bolt went through his throat. Just as he was about to call out help he could not anymore because his throat was torn and he could not stop coughing out blood. He felt his vision darkness as he hear someone scream "Assassin".

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