167 Chapter 167

"I-isn't that....?"

"A marble?"

"No, wait. That's no ordinary marble. Something about it's...."

The reactions from the dragons had changed—even those that heeded Karne's orders to attack Su-hyeun. Most of them were staring at the Cintamani in a trance-like state. Some even shed tears without noticing.

"Could it be....?"

"The... C-Cintamani??"

Some of the dragons born before the war recognized the Cintamani Su-hyeun had pulled out. Unsurprisingly, Blanc was included in that group.

"Is, is that the real Cintamani?!"

Perhaps he found it too incredible to believe, Blanc enhanced his vision with magic and took a closer look at the marble.

The Cintamani Forest. No one remembered the original name of the place. Understandable, since no one cared for it, and the forest simply existed without any living animals calling it home.

But its name was changed to the 'Cintamani Forest' after the very object it was named after went missing inside it during the chaos of the great war.


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