1 The Hero gets sent back in time

Hey Miko? What is it Rota? When we beat the demon king can we get Married? Sure. Thank you.

It seems like he is here. Are you ready? Sure I am. After one hour things change to the worst. This bad!! I won't last for much longer.

Miko won't make it either. There is something that I can do to save him. Forgive me Miko. Rota what are you doing? I don't have a choice.

Please be safe. She had used the rest of her strength to sent back in time. So he could meet her preview life. But her previous life was not a strong as her.

Wait? Rota!! Rota was crying. Please come back soon. Why are you doing this? He was sent back in time. Miko was badly hurt.

Hey? Karla!!! There is someone hurt. Hey? Umm sir? He does looks around our age.

What should we do? Please don't leave me! Rota!! Why did you sent me away? Rota? Karla?

Karla? What do you think you are doing? Help me carry him. But why? He needs help. Karla had came from a time without magic.

But she was about to use it. In this life is when magic had begun. Karla had started to used magic. But she was hopeless. Karla took Miko to her house. Are you this is okay?

It's fine. If you say so. Help me place him on the bed. Man he is heavy. I will call my parents.

Karla looked similar to Rota. Her face was the same. But she had pink hair and blue eyes. Rota had blue hair and pink eyes.

There bodies were the same but Karla had a little bit bigger chest and butt. Karla had made him new clothes. Has he awakened yet? No he hasn't mom. Poor thing.

His lover must have left him. But there must have been more than what we know. He had started to open his eyes. Rota? Rota is that you?

Aaaaaaa! Why do you look different? Umm I am Karla not Rota? Karla? Yes, sweet pea. Who are you?

This is my mother. Me and my friend Nate brought you to my house. Karla where did you find me? You were badly injured near the park.

My mother always says helping people is the right thing to do. Karla are you certain that you aren't Rota? No I am not her. The year is 2031. But that can't be. The year is 2357.

Maybe this Rota person is my next life. I am the Hero and she is my lover. We were going to get married. Maybe that isn't the case? If Rota sent you here she must had a reason.

To keep me safe. I must find a way back to her. Karla looked at the mirror next the bed. I don't think that is a smart idea. She wants you to be safe. If you return alone all will be lost.

Just say here and rest for now. But why? Karla held him down. Please for her sake! Karla passed out. Hey?

Please let her rest. She has been worried sick about you. She hasn't even sleep for a week. Just waiting for you to wake up. I see.

He was worried about Rota. But now he was worried about Karla as well. Why would she wait for me? She wanted you to feel safe.

But why? She is a sweet girl but a little hopeless at times. She can't let someone else feel unhappy. She does have a big heart. But there are somethings that even my little Karla even can't do.

Poor thing gets bullied and treated unfairly by others. My Karla doesn't let is bother her though. She lets them plow off steam.

She lets others treat her unfairly? My Rota wouldn't do that. But she would stand up for herself and what was right. Could this Rota be her next life? Well maybe?

Rota was bad at somethings but she was my best ally. She couldn't cook or clean. Plus she could never make clothes. Well my Karla can do those things she can not.

Karla is happy with the way things are. But you know what? What is it? I think she is happy with both lives she is in.

But Rota was dying? She sent you here right? Yes, she did. She must have known you would meet Karla. So you could trust her.

Like you trust Rota. But why? We all must sacrifice ourselves to the ones that we love. She must have used all she could to save you.

Now please look after my Karla. Okay I will. Thank you! My name is...? Did you forget it?

No I didn't. I don't know if I should say it. You should tell her first. Are you sure? She is my child after all. Okay Miss Karla. My name is Mrs. Ruth.

My husband is out of town. I see. She needs someone to look after her. I will do it. Okay then.

I sent you to her school. Wait? What?! Yes, you must go to her school. Why me?

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