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It is just another normal school day for Hae Won .She wakes up from her dorm ,gets ready then goes out to wait for Yuri who arrives short of breath as she was running late.

Yuri: Good morning my little ray of sunshine

Hae Won:(annoyed)Aishh when are you ever going to be on time

Yuri: (acting cute) The day I hear my alarm.Lets go.

The girls get to school and go on with their lessons .After school Yuri has different plans diverting from their normal routine

Hae Won:(skeptical) We should just go home

Yuri:No ,(sulking )my parents are always fighting I don't want to go yet

Hae Won: (sad)Atleast you have some

Yuri: I'm sorry if I'm being insensitive

Hae Won :No it's okay ,so what then

Yuri :(excited) Let's go have some fun

Hae Won:(sulking) I have to study

Yuri :(teasingly) For a person who lives alone you really are no fun.If I was you I'd party till the sunrise everyday

Hae Won:Well you're not ,so let's just go to my place

Yuri :That place is dead ,boring and depressing No !

Hae Won:Aish you brat. Okay but I don't have any money

Yuri: It's okay my boyfriend gave me some.

Hae Ra: (surprised) Boyfriend?

Yuri: (dodgy)Aish let's just go, I'll tell you all about him later

The girls go out into the city start at their usual spot.It's the cafe with their favourite photo booth and like always they take pictures before they go out to order.As they are exiting the booth Yuri immediately ducks

Hae Won:(confused) What's with you

Yuri: (whispering) Aish keep quiet, let's leave now

Hae Won scans the room for any threats and she only spots a group of girls from a different school who are taking selfies

Hae Won: Do you know them

Yuri:(dodgy) Aish just let it go, let's talk outside

Hae Won: (still confused) Okay okay

The girls try sneaking out but then the leader of the girls from the other school sees something in the background of her perfect picture. She zooms in and it's one girl standing and one ducking and immediately looks back only to yell "Yuri!".

As she's been caught she already knows she's in trouble and grabs Hae Wons hand and runs for her life

Leader: (pissed)That bitch! let's get her

Meanwhile.... Hae Won stops Yuri

Hae Won: What's going on!

Yuri: (uneasy )Aish this is not the time ,they are catching up

Hae Won: No explain first

Yuri:Remember that boyfriend of mine

Hae Won:Yes ,what about him?

Yuri: (shy)I kinda sorta (whispering) snatched him from her

Hae Won: (pissed)Aish seriously

Yuri:(ashamed) This is not the time or place

She grabs Hae Won and they run off into some alley and hide behind the trash

Leader :Aish you lost them .Keep looking you fools!

They leave the area

Hae Won: Aish what have you gotten yourself into

Yuri: (smiling)It's just because you haven't met him,he's really cute

Hae Won:(annoyed) No guy is worth hidding in trash

Yuri: Aish he is

Hae Won: What's her deal though,if she got dumped that's that .

Yuri: (happy )Omo is this my Hae Won defending me

Hae Won: (pissed) No what you did was just shameless.She shouldn't be fighting for a guy who doesn't deserve her that's all

Yuri: Aish now you're making me feel bad

Hae Won: You should!

She starts walking away and Yuri just follows her sulking

Yuri:(sad)I'm sorry

Hae Won: You don't have to apologize ,I can't stay mad at you

Yuri: (hugs her)My Hae won

Hae Won: (pushing her off)My Yuri

Yuri: (sulking) When will you hug me back

Hae Won: I can't make promises i can't keep.

Yuri: Its okay I'll keep on waiting for it (sulking) even if it means my bestfriend will hug me back when were grannies

Hae Won:(laughing) You're such a drama queen

Yuri :(looking around)Where are we though?

Hae Won: I'm not sure I've never come down this path before

Yuri :(relieved) Awe there's a person over there let's ask for directions...Excuse me sir

As she's walking towards the person a gun is fired making both of the girls scream and immediately a second gunshot is heard but Yuri feels it too.

She just kneels then falls to the ground lifeless .Hae Won let's out a silent scream and immediately hides.

Meanwhile the man who just pulled the trigger just stands there looking at Yuri. A younger man comes rushing to him

Young man:(worried) I heard gunshots. (looking down)Omo you killed her

Man:(meh)Aish calm down Sung-Jin

Sung-jin:(frantic) How can I be calm when you just shot someone

Man :(annoyed) Aish she startled me ,I was shooting some rat then she screamed and I shot her too.Big deal ,it's just an accident.

Sung -Jin: (dumbfound) But sir...

Man :(cutting him off)I could've sworn I heard two screams


Man :If you say" but" one more time I'll shoot you too

Sung-jin:Sorry sir

Man :Stop acting like this is the first dead person you've seen.Let's search for the other girl, I'm certain there were two.

Hae Won gets even more scared. She has frozen in shock can't run and she's still crying.

It doesn't take Sung-jin any longer to spot Hae Won and she just looks at him pleading for mercy

Man:Did you find her ?

Sung-jin:(shaky)No Mr Lee

Mr Lee :(smirking) Okay,let's go

Sung-jin :Okay

Mr Lee starts walking but he's going the opposite direction .He's headed straight for Hae Won and there's nothing Sung-jin can do to save her.

Mr Lee :(spotting Hae Won)So yo think I'm dumb

Sung-jin:(nervous) No sir

Mr Lee:(choking him)You know I like you very much. You've only been working for me for a month but I already see you as a son.

Sung- jin:I'm sorry sir

Mr Lee:You better be,you know your father saved my life so many times.Im grateful so I'll spare you this once ,(letting him go)go get the car

Sung-jin:And the girl?

Mr Lee:Dont worry I'm not killing her,(smirking ) yet.

Sung-jin does as told and Mr Lee grabs Hae Won from where she's hiding

Mr Lee:And to think I almost missed a pretty little thing like you....Still in highschool...You look so innocent...We're going to have fun tonight.

Hae Won just spits in his face

Mr Lee: (excited)I like them fiesty,

He slaps her right across the face

Mr Lee:(pissed)But learn to respect me

Hae Won doesn't even flinch.

Sung-jin arrives with the car and Mr Lee gets in the back seat with Hae Won

Sung-jin :Where to?

Mr Lee :The second house

Sung-jin :Okay sir

Hae Won silently cries all the way there and with the way Mr Lee is handling her she already knows what awaits her.As they arrive four guards await them

Mr Lee :Take her up to the room

Guard 1:Okay sir

Sung-jin:But ...

Mr Lee:(annoyed) I told you not to say" but" again.

Sung-jin just looks at him

Mr Lee: Aish this kid,if you want me to be a monster i will.Take him downstairs, he needs to get his punishment.

Sung-jin:I'm sorry

Mr Lee:I like you kid ,I really do .But when given an order you have to follow it .You didn't so you get punished.

Sung- jin:Next time I will

Mr Lee:( hugging him) Yes you will ,take him away

Guard 2 :Okay sir!

The guard drags Sung-jin to the basement where they torture all their victims.

Mr Lee :Whip him till his back bleeds

Guard 3 :Okay sir

Mr Lee :And make sure no-one disturbs me ,I'm going to play with my little doll

Guard 4:Okay sir!

Mr Lee goes up to the room and arrives just in time as the guard has just finished tying and gagging Hae Won.

Mr Lee doesn't waste anytime and starts undressing Hae Won who is slowly dying from the inside.

MEANWHILE.... They are beating the life out of Sung-jin

Guard 2:You should've listened kid

Guard 3:We don't like hitting our own but what the boss says goes.

Sung-jin: I've seen how he treats girls,I just wanted to save her.

Guard 3:(chuckles) You chose the wrong line of work.Now you bleed for her.

The guard starts whipping him. Sung-jin's cries of pain and Hae Wons cries of disgust fill the house.As soon as Mr Lee has finished raping Hae Won he takes a shower and puts his wedding ring back on .

Hae Won just lies on the bed lifeless and Mr Lee exits and heads to the basement where Sung-jin is still being tortured.

Mr Lee :You can stop now ,i think he's learnt his lesson now

All:Okay sir!

Mr Lee :(disgusted) Pour some water on him I can't talk to him when he's covered in all this blood.

The guards rinse him off and untie him.

Mr Lee: If i ask you to do something will you do it for me ,truthfully.


Mr Lee :Okay ,(playful) I've got a job for you.

Sung-jin :What is it?

Mr Lee :You can walk right, the boys didn't treat to you too bad

Sung-jin :Yes I can

Mr Lee: Well there's that girl in my room .You know I'm very faithful to my wife and I don't want her getting the wrong idea so could you remove her.

Sung-jin:Okay I will

Mr Lee:Here's your gun

Sung-jin:Wait you want me to kill her?

Mr Lee:(patting him) Awe you're too naive, get with the program. I want you to remove her from this world send her to heaven or hell (laughing) Who cares


Mr Lee: Yes ,don't be a wimp now.I want that man who killed that hag in cold blood okay


Mr Lee: Go get her we'll go to the usual place

Sung-Jin :Okay sir

He goes up to the room and Hae Won is just laying there as a shell of the girl she once was. He covers her up .

Sung -Jin:I'm sorry about what happened to you

She just remains quiet

Sung-jin:Look they want to kill you, I need you to cooperate with me.

She remains quiet

Sung-jin:I'm going to put rubber bullets in my gun and you'll just have to play dead okay

Hae Won: I'm already dead

Sung-jin:No you're not,don't give up okay. You need to live if not for yourself then for your friend.

Hae Won breaks down

Sung -Jin: Okay we don't have time just play along ,we have to go downstairs now ,can you move?

Hae Won:I went numb the moment he touched me

Sung-Jin:Okay I'll carry you

He carries her baring through the pain he is in .Hae Won is placed into the trunk of the car and they drive off to some plain

Mr Lee: Do the honours Sung-jin

Without hesitation Sung-jin points his gun to Hae Won but as he's about to shoot Mr Lee stops him

Mr Lee: Use my gun instead that will be more fun.

Sung-jin takes the gun and aims less confidently at her again.

Mr Lee: (clears his throat)We don't have all day son

Sung-jin pulls the trigger

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