4 Not again

Dear Miss Park

I'm going out for a bit.Dont worry I won't get caught.I borrowed your phone and some cash I'll return it when I can. I will be back, I'm not doing anything stupid.

From Hae Won.

Miss Park: Aish this kid !

She makes a call using her landline

Miss Park:(nervous) She's gone...I don't know...She said she's coming back...Just some clothes  ,money and my phone...Okay

MEANWHILE...Hae Won arrives at the funeral hall but there are still alot of people so she waits outside for them to leave.

After a long wait she takes her chance to go in but arrives there only to run into someone who was by her ashes .She immediately notices this stranger,it's Hyun Bin.

Hyun Bin: You can come in, I'm done

Hae Won just nervously  nodes okay

Hyun Bin: Did  you know  her?

Hae Won shakes her head no.

Hyun Bin:(sad) I wish I could've gotten to know her better .

He exits the room.


Hae Won: (running on a call)I'm almost there

She bumps into someone who was also running coming a different direction ,dropping her phone and knocking off the persons glasses.

Hae Won: (handing him his glasses)I'm sor...

Person: (handing over her phone) You...

Hae Won:(nervous) Aish I'm sorry,(looking at his nametag)Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin:(annoyed)You and your friend just like bumping into people don't you?

Hae Won :(fake smiling) Yes I'm sorry,I'll make sure I never cross paths with you again.Just hand over my phone and I'll be out of your hair.

Hyun Bin :(chuckles )Just  look at my glasses

Hae Won  checks and lens is cracked.

Hae Won:(smiling) Mistakes happen,things get broken  you seem well off you can buy new ones .Just look at my poor phone  .

Hyun Bin looks at it and the screen is totaly cracked

Hyun Bin: You can always get another one too.

Hae Won:(chuckles) Do I look like I've got any money .I'll use it like that if it still works.

Hyun Bin switches it on and it still works

Hyun Bin:(laughing ) Einstein as a wallpaper.You must be a nerd

Hae Won :(annoyed) I am one and proud.And if you won't take your glasses back I'll do it for you.

As she's about to put the glasses back on him she notices the bruise on his face.

Hae Won :(sad)What happened to your ..

Suddenly some men yell "There he is "making Hyun Bin run off still holding her phone.

Hae Won: (pissed)My phone!

She's just left standing in the middle of the path dumbfound .

Present time

Hae Won: Hyun Bin...

As Hyun Bin is walking away  He stops and just says "Her eyes look familiar".

MEANWHILE....She  walks into the memorial hall

Hae Won :(sad)Hi ....,I don't know who you are but I'm sorry about whatever happened to you...Your family must be worried about you .....,it would've been better if I was in your place...no-one would've cared.

She pays her respects then goes to Yuri's

Hae Won: (smiling) Hey bodyguard,....(sulking) who's going to defend me now....(laughs)Im in so much trouble....Why'd you have to leave like that.....I never got to meet your boyfriend ,(she starts crying)you never even told me his name....How's it in heaven ,I bet you're making all the angels laugh.....I miss you already.....(wiping her tears away)I know how much you like gossip,guess who was just here...(laughs) You probably know the answer since you can see everything now...Give me your strength hey....I'm going to make them pay sooner or later.

She falls to her feet

Hae Won: (annoyed) Aish this body is already giving up on me.

She checks her wound and it's bleeding

Hae Won:(laughing) Some of my stitches came undone. I guess Miss Park was right ,I shouldn't have left the house.

She faints on the floor.Someone who has been watching her carries her back to Miss Parks home.

Miss Park: Omo what happened to her

Unknown :She passed out,she's been crying that she's in pain .I'll call the doctor.

Miss Park: (nervous) I'm sorry Mr X ,it's all my fault .I shouldn't have left her.

Mr X :(mad)What's the point of apologizing. It's only been a couple days since the incident and this is already happening. I could get into alot of trouble if anyone finds you two

Miss Park: I'm sorry ,we'll be more careful.

Mr X: You better be .I hope I won't need to come back here anytime soon

He exits Miss Parks home .

Miss Park: Aish look what you've done now.I told you not to do anything stupid.

Soon the Dr arrives and starts treating her wound.

MEANWHILE....Hyun Bin arrives home late

Mrs Lee:(worried)Dear where were you,we missed you at dinner.

Hyun Bin: I'm sorry ,I'll try to make it time tomorrow mom

Mr Lee just glares at him

Mrs Lee: Its okay, let me go get your food

Hyun Bin: No it's okay ,I'm not hungry. Good  night.

Mrs Lee: Good night dear.

Hyun Bin gets to his room  and sits by his desk.He brings out some glasses with a broken lens and just looks at them


As Hyun Bin is running away from his bodyguards he realizes he still has Hae Wons phone. He just places it into his pocket and continues running.

later that day

Hyun Bin arrives home and goes to his room.

Hyun Bin: I still have Einstein's phone,how do I give it back ....Aish that girl is bad luck...

As he's about to throw it in his bag it rings and he answers the call

Hyun Bin:With the amount of emojis on the contact ID I think it's the clumsy  friend

Hae Won:(pissed) You thief!

Hyun Bin: Hae Won ?

Hae Won: Who else!

Hyun Bin: (confused) Wait who's Yuri?

Hae Won: The person whose phone I'm using because you STOLE MY PHONE!

Hyun Bin:(chuckles)  I told you to buy a new one

Hae Won: Aish, didn't I return your broken glasses .Atleast have the decency to do the same

Hyun Bin: Where do you live I'll drop it off

Hae Won: No!,ummm come to my work place I'll pass the address.

Hyun Bin:(laughing)  What?... Is it embarrassing where you live ?

Hae Won:(serious)  Yes it actually is. Now just do as I say and don't go through my phone.

Hyun Bin: I'm sorry, I was just kidding

Hae Won :(annoyed) Sure you were

She ends the calls and soon he receives a text from Yuri' s phone with location and time.

Hyun Bin can't help but scroll up and read Hae Won and Yuri' s chat and there he finds something disturbing.

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