3 Just us

Miss Park grabs the scissors and hugs her

Miss Park: Calm down little one .I know you're hurting but you can't do something that stupid.I know you're smarter than that.

Hae Won continues to cry

Miss Park: Everything is going to be okay

Hae Won pushes her away

Hae Won: It's never going to be okay.Yuri was shot like some street dog right in front of me! How's that okay. How will it ever be okay!

Miss  Park:Dear...

Hae Won:(cutting her off) He took away my ...my ...


She just screams in pain leaving Miss Park at a loss for words not knowing how to help her.

Miss Park just watches Hae Won cry and feels helpless. She tries to think of something ,anything  and all she can blurt out is "How can I help you"

Hae Won: Can you kill them?Can you kill all those bastards!

Miss Park: I don't know who you're talking bout,but revenge is not always the answer

Hae Won: (frustrated) Then what!

Miss Park: Lets just be thankful that you're alive ,you have to live for yourself and your friend too.What would she do if you were the unfortunate one?


Random girl:(smirking) Hey scholarship, give me your homework

Hae Won remains quiet 

Random girl: (chuckles) Are you deaf or something

Hae Won remains quiet

Random girl: (grabbing her book)Thank you

Yuri who has just arrived grabs the girl by her hair 

Yuri: Hand it over

Random girl:(laughing) I'm not doing that

Yuri: (pulls even harder)I said... give it to me

Random girl: Okay okay

Yuri let's her go and she runs away pissed off.

Hae Won:(laughing)  You shouldn't have done that

Yuri:But I did

Hae Won: You shouldn't get in trouble because of me

Yuri: I'm not in any trouble, I've beaten her and her whole crew before.Plus I didn't do it for you ,I  did it for me.I also didn't do my homework

Hae Won: Thanks anyway bodyguard

Yuri: (patting her)You're welcome  wimp

They both laugh

Present time

Hae Won: (chuckles) You have no idea who Yuri was

Miss Park :Then tell me

Hae Won: (smiling) She was a fighter. With an amazing heart.(serious) And she would've gone to war for me like I will for her

Miss Park: Hold your horses,you're lucky to be alive ,get that through your head!Those men will kill you without batting an eyelid. You don't know who you're messing with

Hae Won: (suspicious ) Seems like you know more than you've been putting off.

Miss Park: I know enough to stay away from Mr Lee.

Hae Won: But....

Miss Park: Look at this

She pulls up her shirt revealing scars all over her body

Hae Won: (terrified) Omo

Miss Park: This is the best case scenario. We're the only ones who've lived to tell the tale.

Hae Won: (curious) How do you know Mr Lee?

Miss Park: That's a story for another day

Hae Won:(intrigued ) So you didn't find me in the street after all

Miss Park: Yes.

Hae Won: So you lied  to me

Miss Park: I'm sorry

Hae Won: Is your name even Miss Park

Miss Park: It is now

Hae Won: How can I trust you

Miss Park: You have to ,I'm all you've got

Hae Won: But..

Miss Park :(cutting her off)I don't want to hurt you,I'm here to help you.And if I lie it's for your own safety.

Hae Won:Why don't you start answering my questions rather than putting them off.

Miss Park:I will when the time is right. As for now you need to stay hidden, no-one should know about you. If they do you will die and we don't want that  do we.

Hae Won :Do you help all strangers like me

Miss Park: I would if there were more survivors but as for now it's only you and I.

Hae Won :Since I'm awake now ,can't I just go report them to the police

Miss Park: You're so naive ,he is the police. He has judges and dirty cops on his side,your story won't make it anywhere.

Hae Won: Then we do this on our own

Miss Park: You won't make it to the gate of his house

Hae Won :(frustrated) Then what!

Miss Park: Wait for justice to prevail,it might take a while but the truth always comes out.

Hae Won: You want me to wait whilst he does this to other girls

Miss Park: I want you to think straight.This is case of Goliath and David .And this time David will lose.

Hae Won: But..

Miss Park:(cutting her off) Why do you think I brought you here instead of the hospital. That man has eyes and ears everywhere. My life was destroyed by him. I've had to change my identity, and my appearance just so I don't get caught.And you want to go against him !

Hae Won: What did you do for him to do all that to you?

Miss Park: I did nothing but love

Hae Won: You love him?

Miss Park: No ,I hate him

Hae Won: Then who do you love?

Miss Park:(sad) My son

Hae Won: (confused) Why would you be in trouble  because of your son.Does he work for Mr Lee.

Miss Park: (emotional) I dont want to talk about it

Hae Won: Does he live here too

Miss Park: No , now go back to sleep

Hae Won: But ...

Miss Park:(teary eyed) Take your meds and go to sleep ,I'll be back.

Miss Park exits the room

Hae Won: What's wrong with her son.Something is going on here.I'll figure it out .

She gets up and starts looking around the house and it seems like she lives alone.She switches on the tv  and they are still the trending topic.Today it was their funeral and alot of people have attended to pay their respects to Yuri' s family and the girls .

Hae Won: So many people came to my funeral...I wonder whose body it is ....I have to go there. But where am I

She peeps out of the house and she's not familiar with this neighborhood.

Hae Won: I'll have to go before Miss Park comes back.

She looks around the house and finds Miss Park phone

Hae Won: Great I'll use the map,now what to wear.

She goes through Miss Park's wardrobe and picks some black clothes and a huge scarf to cover her face with.As she's going through her clothes she finds some money as well .Hae Won writes a letter to Miss Park then exits the house  only to run into her neighbor who she ignores .

As she's walking in the neighborhood she scans her surroundings and by the look of it it's not a very good neighborhood.

There are creeps everywhere she looks  and prostitutes as well.

She eventually gets on the bus.

MEANWHILE ....Miss Park arrives  to an empty house .As she's about to panic she spots the letter left for her on the table.

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