The Heist at Cordia Aquarium Book

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The Heist at Cordia Aquarium


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In a super powered society, many different types of people exist. Heroes. Villains. Sidekicks. Henchmen. Life and death situations are the norm for those people. They scheme, they fight, they make up, and they do it all over again. What about the types of people that are just trying to get by? A disillusioned priest that can smell sin struggles to balance ethics and paying the bills. An aspiring aquarist that just needs to finish out her aquarium mentorship, then she can fulfill all the expectations she never wanted. A movie enthusiast that turns to crime to support his dying mother-in-law. A mechanic that relapses on an addiction to her power to escape from herself. What happens when they meet each other during the heist of a... Definitely not a century. Maybe the heist of a day? --- New chapters every Monday!


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