The Heir of Light and Dark
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The Heir of Light and Dark


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What is The Heir of Light and Dark

Read The Heir of Light and Dark novel written by the author katielavender14 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, adventure, myth. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


It’s 2020, Earth is being corrupted and taken over by beings that are not human. There are four known realms that exist in the universe. The Underworld, the Overworld, Earth, and The Land of Dreams. Angels and demons are real, but they’re not what you might be thinking. Many have arrived on Earth completely inconspicuous. Your neighbor might even be a one. Most people go through high school, college, get a job, find love, and live a long happy normal life. 17-year-old Sofya is not one of those people. Years after the abandonment of her parents, fate pushes her into four different worlds made up of bloodthirsty demons, psychopathic angels, vile humans, and a dangerously handsome aemon. When her life changes forever can she do what everyone expects of her or will she break from the inside out? Dark and menacing, young Ash has a past full of secrets and mysteries. He is an aemon, half-angel half-demon, and the lead mercenary of one of the evilest people in history. Another person is added to his ever-growing hit list, but when the time comes to complete the task, can he do it? As Sofya and Ash’s paths intertwine, sacrifices and choices must be made, old memories surface and change their fates. Sofya must learn to let the wall she built up around her heart down and complete the ancient legend. Ash must decide what path to take, follow his true desires or save his brother and risk losing the one thing he’s ever wanted. Earth is spiraling towards a point of no return as a possed demon is gaining control of every country by the minute. Will they save the worlds or will chaos erupt and all hell breaks out?


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So awesome!!!! 😁Loved the training scenes 👍👍Very nice world building and I like some of the characters personalities. I also liked the all the various locations and the different perspectives.


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