2 Chapter 2: Dices of fortune

Michael reached Marium street, which was one of the poorest & dirtiest streets of the city. But as very small houses are here & available at a cheaper rate, a lot of poor people were living there. His rented house was also here.

Michael entered inside his home & saw his grandmother was resting on a bed. Even though she was sleeping, she was not comfortable partly due to pain & partly due to the condition of the bed which was too bad for use.

It was a house that had 1 hall which was used as a bedroom, a kitchen & a bathroom with an

attached toilet. There was not much furniture either. Just 2 old chairs & a small table was there.

There was a fridge which was not in a working condition. After entering his home, One would easily presume how much bad condition Michael was in.

He closed the door & was about to sit on a chair to think what to do about money. But his

grandmother suddenly woke up by voice & asked…

"Is that you Mikey, don't you have to attend your classes?"

"No Nani, classes today got cancelled." Michael lied. What other option did he have?

"Ok, somebody gave the envelope. It's on the table. Your name was on it. It must be from your college." Nani said.

A sudden fear came in Michael's mind. He was given time till evening. Did he get expelled from college already? He knew John was so influential that by just over a phone call, he could make this happen.

He gathered courage & picked up an envelope. His hands were trembling. However he saw the address of Moscow, Russia on the other side.

He was surprised. Who would send him a letter from Russia? He didn't know anyone from russia.

He didn't have any other known family. So who is this? With thinking about that curiously He took out the letter & started reading.

"Dear Mike, you don't know me. But I am your Dad. I missed you a lot. I didn't contact you these years because I wanted to become the most powerful person in the country. After so much hard work, i have achieved my goals. I Know you won't believe me. You will have so many questions. I will answer all your questions once I am back. I have kept my eyes over you all these years. Don't

worry son. Dad is here to take care of you. I am sending you 10 million dollars in your account for your basic needs & treatment of Nani. I have also attached my phone number. Call me if you need more money anytime. See you."

Michael was stunned. He couldn't stand anymore & sat on a chair. He just couldn't believe it. How was this possible? All he knew about his mom & dad was that his mom died in a car crash & his dad left him & his Nani when he was 5 years old. His Nani told this to him many times. There was no

news of his dad afterwards. So they thought he would be dead. Was it a fake letter or did his dad really show up now?

But if he is really my dad, why didn't he contact me till now? Why did he let us

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suffer if he was alive? His mind was surrounded with lots of questions.

Suddenly a thought came in his mind. His dad mentioned in a letter that he had transferred 10 million dollars in his account. He rushed to an ATM nearby to check his account balance.

While walking, he thought it's impossible that some random person just transferred such a large amount to an ordinary guy like him. And how would he get my account number? I'm silly to believe this. This must be a prank by his classmates.

However, after entering inside the ATM & clicking on the check balance, his mind was wishing that it would be true.

A slip came out of the machine. Michael looked at the balance & immediately shouted in disbelief…"Oh F**k!!!!!!!!

It showed 1,00,00,010$

Michael had a 10$ balance before. But now it really showed 10 million dollars.

It was transferred 1 week before. But he never checked it because he knew his bank balance. He didn't even update his

mobile number to his account. So he couldn't get a message too about receiving the money.

His life was about to go on a drastic turn...…..

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