The Heaven's Culinarian
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The Heaven's Culinarian


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What is The Heaven's Culinarian

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“It is time for fools to pursue the impossibility.” A simple myth created within the world of gourmet; The Heaven’s Culinarian. The highest mythical title to be obtained during the the ancient historic years of life- a title that was fated to rot through time. It was just an unfortunate event that modern society had found it within a pile of books within the library. Due to modern society’s discovery of such remnant, the world of gourmet had come into a state of war. The world was more likely in the state of chaos. Talents, skills, guts, and money is all you need to have once you enter this world. Will you dare to enter?

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Uhm.. so yeah! I am the lazy and quite uninspired author of this book. I've been a fan of gourmet novels and mangas/comics, to the point my mind just can't stop bringing in some more ideas 'till I finally had written The Heaven's Culinarian. It focuses mainly on FOOD being ILLEGAL to eat and cook if you are not a chef or if you don't have any knowledge about gourmet making. Yeah, kill me for making the world in my novel so messed up (but I love it). MC is under the name of Akalia Abdiette, a 14-year-old girl. I am not going to spoil anything so just read the book. I'll update probably every week? but the number of chapters published in a week would be random. This author of this book is not a pro, so I hope you don't mind me pouring out all my flaws with love and anxiety mixed in. - Shameless Author rating her own book 4.8 stars, YNNIE234


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